Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 117: Precalculus I

Credit Hours



Math Placement or MATH 100 with grade of C- or better.


Inverse functions, quadratic functions, complex numbers. Detailed study of polynomial functions including zeros, factor theorem, and graphs. Rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and their applications. Systems of equations, inequalities, partial fractions, linear programming, sequences and series. Word problems are emphasized throughout the course.

Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager. Precalculus (packaged with WebAssign), 3rd edition.

Chapter 1: Relations and Functions
    1.1  Sets of Real Numbers and The Cartesian Coordinate Plane
    1.2  Relations
    1.3  Introduction to Functions
    1.4  Function Notation
    1.5  Function Arithmetic
    1.6  Graphs of Functions
    1.7  Transformations

Chapter 2: Linear and Quadratic Functions
    2.1  Linear Functions
    2.2  Absolute Value Functions
    2.3  Quadratic Functions

Chapter 3: Polynomial Functions [2 weeks]
    3.1  Graphs of Polynomials
    3.2  The Factor Theorem and The Remainder Theorem
    3.3  Real Zeros of Polynomials
    3.4  Complex Zeros and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Chapter 4: Rational Functions
    4.1  Introduction to Rational Functions
    4.2  Graphs of Rational Functions

Chapter 5: Further Topics in Functions
    5.1  Function Composition
    5.2  Inverse Functions
    5.3  Other Algebraic Functions

Chapter 7: Hooked on Conics
    7.2  Circles

Chapter 8: Systems of Equations and Matrices
    8.1  Systems of Linear Equations: Gaussian Elimination
    8.2  Systems of Non-Linear Equations and Inequalities

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