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Provost Fellowship Profiles

Amelia Auchstetter

As a psychology major, I became interested in conducting research in developmental psychology. I now want to investigate differences in parent-child interactions during an engineering task and determine whether these differences impact the child’s learning.more

Abdul Ahad Bagsarawala

Seeing my parents treat patients with Malaria, I have always wanted to help them. This is what drew me to the Kanzok Malaria lab. Having spent a semester learning about the Malaria parasite, I have realized how essential research is in eradication of this disease that kills millions worldwide.more

Cassondra Batz

I was raised to believe I accomplish anything I put my mind to, and this mindset has given me direction and inspiration. It has lead me to seek opportunities like the Provost Fellowship, which allows me combine two loves: psychology and research. It also provided inspiration for my research. more

William Beischel

I love being in psychology because I’ve been able to do a wide range of research, including neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, and public health. Studying the mind and brain reveals what truly makes us human, and those visceral discoveries are what drives me to do research. more

Andrew Droste

With a major in Biology I am also minoring in Spanish language. I am the Eminent Correspondent for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and a part of the all-male acapella singing group, The Aca’fellas. After undergrad I plan to attend medical school and pursue a degree in oncology. more

David Hullinger

I'm a senior at Loyola Chicago with a major in Operations Management. Currently, I'm studying the heroic sonnet tradition (which includes poets like Milton and Wordsworth) with the awesome Dr. Kerkering.more

Sarah Khalil

I am a Chemistry major, but I’m also minoring in Math, Biostatistics, and International Studies. When not doing research in Dr. Liu’s lab, I love to volunteer at one of the local hospitals, and I also enjoy crafting and rollerblading.more

Monica Kulach

I began my research experience as a sophomore with Dr. Tracy DeHart in the psychology department, and I recently joined Dr. Colleen Conley’s lab to acquire a diverse perspective on different fields of psychology.more

Alexander McKeever

Ever since I started taking photographs, I have been extremely interested and drawn to analog photography ("slow" photography), and wet plate collodion is yet another stepping stone in that vein of exploration.more

Namrah Mirza

My research is an interdisciplinary, comparative study of the U.S. and Canada that will use the economic principles of a cost benefit analysis to help uncover some of the underlying ethics that give rise to our healthcare systems.more

Robert Palumbo

As a freshman at Loyola I rapidly discovered my interest in the subject of Psychology and Neuroscience. Now a junior, I am eager to begin a project under Dr. Robert Morrison’s mentorship dealing with neural correlates and violent media. more

Alexandria Peterson

I came to Loyola as an Anthropology major and have been in love with anthropological research ever since. My main interests are in dental anthropology and osteology. In the future, I want to continue doing more research and pursue a graduate degree.more

Tracey Riley

A major in Psychology, I am also minoring in both Women & Gender Studies and Spanish. I am a Phi Beta Kappa member as well as the President of Loyola's Psi Chi chapter. I have always been interested in gender psychology research as well as LGBT studies.more

Angela Serwin

I am very passionate about social justice issues and their effect on people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and am currently studying the effects of perceived discrimination on individuals and their relationships.more

Cydney Stein

I am currently a senior with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology. For my Provost Fellowship, I am conducting research with a concentration in developmental psychology alongside Dr. Kathleen Kannass. This research will focus on distractibility in infancy. more

Ashley Wahnschaff

There is a sense of frustration that many are familiar with. It is the feeling that arises when trying to understand, let alone change, another person’s viewpoint that you simply do not understand. This frustration is my project’s inspiration.more


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