Mulcahy Scholars Co-author Publication with Mentors

Benjamin Irvine, Matthew Kemnetz

Two Loyola students Benjamin Irvine and Matthew Kemnetz, along with two Loyola Professors Dr. Asim Gangopadhyaya and Dr. Thomas Ruubel were recently published in the American Journal of Physics for their article Magnet traveling through a conducting pipe: A variation on the analytical approach. The article was named Editor's Pick by the Journal. Both students were Mulcahy Scholars from 2011-2013 and pursued a physics degree at Loyola.


The abstract for their paper can be found below:


We present an analytical study of magnetic damping. In particular, we investigate the dynamics of a cylindrical neodymium magnet as it moves through a conducting tube. Owing to the very high degree of uniformity of the magnetization for neodymium magnets, we are able to provide completely analytical results for the EMF generated in the pipe, and the consequent retarding force. Our analytical expressions are shown to have excellent agreement with experimental observations.