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Celebrate the Holidays with LUMA


This winter, LUMA continues its beloved holiday celebration of presenting Art and Faith of the Crèche: The Collection of James and Emilia Govan. The seventh annual exhibition will be on view from November 8, 2014–January 4, 2015.

The collection of James and Emilia Govan includes more than 500 crèches from 100 countries. Talented craftspeople and artists from around the world share their creative interpretations of the Nativity through native architecture, clothing, flora and fauna.

Sponsor a Crèche

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Since the first Art and Faith of the Crèche in 2007, the Crèche Sponsorship Program has become increasingly popular amongst our LUMA friends. We are happy to extend to you an early opportunity to participate, so you get your first country of choice!

Sponsoring a crèche in the exhibition is the perfect way to honor your heritage, a friend, or loved one during the upcoming holiday season. The $150 sponsorship gives you the ability to have the name(s) of your choosing displayed on the label of your sponsored crèche. Your sponsorship helps us to care for this special collection and present this wonderful exhibition each year.

Sponsor the Crèche of the Year

The 2014 Crèche of the Year is from Spain in honor of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Inigo de Loyola was born in 1491 in Azpeitia in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa in northern Spain. He was the youngest of thirteen children. Born into a family of nobility, Ignatius found himself at 30 in May of 1521 as an officer defending the fortress of a town in Pamplona against the French. It was here where he was struck by a cannon ball which broke his leg. He recuperated at his home and found himself reading romance novels to pass the time. On the shelf were books on the life of Christ and the saints. He noticed that after reading and thinking of the saints and Christ he was at peace and satisfied. These books left him with the thought of imitating Christ. He decided that he wanted to go to Jerusalem to live where our Lord had spent his life on earth. On his way, Ignatius stopped at the Benedictine shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat, made a general confession and knelt all night in vigil before Our Lady’s altar, following the rites of chivalry. He left his sword and knife at the altar, went out and gave away all his fine clothes to a poor man, dressed himself in rough clothes with sandals and a staff.

He continued up the road to Manresa where he had a vision which is regarded as significant. This vision seems to have been an encounter with God as He really is so that all creation was seen in a new light and acquired a new meaning and relevance, an experience that enabled Ignatius to find God in all things. This grace was the start of what we know today as the Spiritual Exercises. This grace was realized when Ignatius decided to start schools.

It was here where Ignatius saw schools as an opportunity where young men could realize their potential with the ultimate goal of serving God. This is where we find the Jesuit motto; Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For The Greater Glory of God) comes into play. Once we develop our talents and abilities and use them we are giving back to God. This exhibit, before you, in which the Nativity story is told and re-told is an example of St. Ignatius’ vision for the Society and the multi-cultural world in which we live.

—Patrick Dorsey, S.J.

Placed in a prominent location in the museum and displayed throughout the fall, this one-of-a-kind crèche sponsorship is available for $1,000.

To sponsor a crèche, please complete the online form, or fill out and return the hard copy creche form (2014)‌. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Fruland, Assistant Director of Development, at efruland@luc.edu or 312.915.6719.


Image: Crèche, 20th century, Bellenes Puig, S. L., Spanish (Barcelona), Painted clay, fabric, wire, wood, and straw, LUMA, The James and Emilia Govan Crèche Collection, 2012-14-28


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