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Trip to the Baha'i Temple

The International Learning Community (ILC) brings together students with interest and passion international issues and experiences and fosters critical understanding of international concerns and dynamics in the contemporary world. The curricular and co-curricular offerings associated with the ILC serve to enhance global awareness, including understanding of and appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, international political structures and trends, global economic issues, and transnational environmental and social challenges. The International LC provides a great mix of domestic and international students, allowing for cross-cultural conversations and sharing of experiences.

In 2015–2016, the International Learning Community will be home to 100 first-year students who live together in one of our five first-year residence halls.

Activities and Programs

Students in the International LC have participated in retreats and conferences on global citizenship, attended the Chicago International Film Festival, visited the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, taken a tour of the Baha'i in Wilmette, IL, and explored cultural neighborhoods around Chicago. They often enjoy cooking meals and sharing their native cultures with one another.

Students in the International Learning Community choose to participate in the activities and programs that are of interest to them. The students who participate in the largest number of programs and activities also enjoy the greatest benefits from the community.

Curricular Requirements

In spring 2016, students in the International Learning Community will take one of the following three courses:

  • PSYC 100 Psych Perspectives on Globalizations OR
  • THEO 297 Introduction to Buddhism OR
  • THEO 186 001 Intro to Religious Ethics

PSYC 100 Psych Perspectives on Globalizations   Linda Heath Sect 2 Class 3801  TTh 11:30-12:45

This course applies core psychological concepts, research and theory to cross-cultural issues of behavior and development. Topics may include human rights of children, human trafficking, immigration, moral issues of international trade, and parenting across cultures. The instructor is the director of the Peace Studies Minor with experience in multiple countries. Core Social and Cultural Knowledge Tier I. 

THEO 297 Introduction to Buddhism    Brent Lewis   Section 3 Class 5346    Tu 4:15-6:45

Through this course, students will learn about most important Buddhist scriptures, the historical evolution of Buddhism, including its different major branches, and key Buddhist concepts, terms, values, and religious practices.  Core Theological Knowledge Tier II

THEO 186 001 Intro to Religious Ethics  William French Sect 1 Class 5330  MWF 11:30-12:20

In this course, students will explore and compare the ethical understandings of Christianity and at least one other religious tradition.  With respect to each tradition, students will learn about the foundational sources, doctrines and questions that guide its ethical thinking.  Core Ethics.  This class is NOT exclusive to ILC students and will not have outside the class enrichment activities.  It is a choice only for students who cannot take either of the other two courses.