Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Why Join an LC?


Students who participate in learning communities engage with each other both in and out of the classroom.

Participating in a Learning Community provides students who share similar interests the opportunity to live and learn together. Students who live in Learning Communities feel at home at Loyola more quickly, are more confident in their academic abilities, and earn higher GPAs.

Students participate in a Learning Community to:

  • Meet friends with similar interests
  • Feel more connected to campus
  • Enhance their academic and social experiences
  • Expand their experiences with the theme of their community
  • Enjoy a smaller close knit community within the larger university
  • Connect with professors in and outside of class
  • Take advantage of LC events and activities both on and off campus
"The MLC has helped me to branch out and discover new things on campus because I know that when I come back to the floor at the end of the day, it will feel like home."
—Melinda, Multicultural LC
"Being in a Learning Community has helped me make TONS of new friends and has made class a lot less daunting. Having classes with your neighbors not only strengthens friendships, but also allows for group study and higher scores."
—Anukool, Wellness LC
"I feel being in a learning community helped me adjust to the social aspect of college much quicker than if I had not been in a community. By the end of the first few days I already felt I had connected to people and found some good friends, which is something I was initially nervous about."
—Tom, Leadership LC