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Learning Community students connect curricular and co-curricular experiences by taking courses together related to the theme of their community.  Students enjoy carrying academic discussions over to floor lounges, having study groups in their residence hall communities, and developing relationships with their faculty outside of class.  Shared classes provide wonderful opportunities
to connect through coursework with peers in your community but also ample opportunity to meet friends from outside the community. 

Courses selected for the Learning Communities are based on the CORE Curriculum and fulfill degree requirements for all students at Loyola, regardless of major.  Therefore, participating in a Learning Community does not add any courses to your regular curriculum.

Typically, first year students take 4 credit hours together in the Fall semester and 3 credit hours together in the Spring semester while sophomore, junior, and senior students take 3 credit hours together in the Fall semester only.  However, the academic requirements do vary by community.  For a complete understanding of the curricular requirements for a specific learning community, please visit the website for that community:

Green Learning Community

International Learning Community

Leadership Learning Community

Multicultural Learning Community

Transfer Loyola Experience Learning Community

Urban Issues Learning Community

           Urban Issues in Communications Course Cluster

Wellness Learning Community


Learning Communities are centered around students taking shared coursework.  Enrolling in and completing the required learning community courses is required for continued participation and residence in the Learning Community.

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