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Leadership Development Certificate

Student Leadership Development offers a certificate to any Loyola student who is interested in enhancing their leadership capabilities. The Leadership Development Certificate Program is comprised of a series of workshops aimed at fostering a set of learning outcomes modeled after the Social Change Model of Leadership. If you want to gain the skills to become a more effective leader in order to create change in our world, you should consider participating in the program.

Requirements to Earn a Leadership Development Certificate

Students are welcome to participate in as many workshops as they wish. In order to earn a Leadership Development Certificate, students must complete the following requirements before graduation:

Core Workshop Descriptions

Although students can participate in workshops in any order, we encourage students to take the core workshops in the following order if possible:

Leadership Foundations: Learn about various models, theories and historical perspectives of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate these approaches and to engage in discussions around leadership as a socially constructed phenomenon. Through activities and conversations, students will explore what leadership means to them.

The Call to Leadership*: Is there then such a thing as a call to lead — an experience of a ‘powerful, magnetic force’ around the act of breaking down the status quo and bringing on the possibilities?”-Dan Oestreich. What is your call to leadership? What do you stand up for, when everyone else is sitting down? This workshop assists students in understanding leadership as a calling, challenges them to discover their call to leadership, and explains how to facilitate this discovery in others.

Leadership in Action: Engage in conversations around leadership for the promotion of positive social change and the promotion of social justice. The goals are to support understanding of complex issues, and to empower students in their development as agents of positive change.

Reflective Learning Components

Students have two options to engage in reflective learning during the completion of their leadership certificate.

Option One: Write a 3-5 page reflection paper.

Option Two: Attend a reflective learning workshop with peers and Student Leadership Development staff.

Each option strives to help students articulate their leadership philosophy. The goals of the reflective learning components are for students to:

Please see the SLD Calendar for workshop dates and times!

*Our core workshop, "The Call to Leadership" was previously named "Being R.E.A.L" Students who attended the Being R.E.A.L workshop will still receive credit towards the core requirements.

Please note that after the spring semester of 2015, we will no longer coordinate a Certificate Program. However, we will continue to offer a variety of leadership development workshops and programs that fit students' busy schedules. In the future, instead of keeping track of students' attendance at workshops to earn the Certificate, we will invest our energy in offering cohort-based programs, such as the Emerging Leaders Program that was first offered in fall 2014, and a new program that students are currently helping to develop to implement in the future. 



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