Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities

School of Law

Public Interest Law Society (PILS)

Faculty Advisor: Henry Rose

2015/2016 Executive Board

President: Katie Colburn

Vice President: Missy Turk

Publicity Chair: Erin Pauley

Internship, Training, and Employment Chair: Deanna Hoyt

Development Chair: Marko Stojkovic

Community Service Chair: Nickolas Kaplan

Auction Chairs: Amanda Bogle, Tiffany Koss, and Sarah Patarino

The Public Interest Law Society (PILS) is the largest and most active of all Loyola's student organizations. PILS was founded to bring an awareness of the continuing need for legal services in the service of the disadvantaged and to support the aspirations of those who seek careers in public interest law.

PILS organizes events throughout the year to educate the community about public service. The organization also engages in fundraising activities for non-for-profit organizations servicing the community, and more specifically, the disadvantaged. PILS activities include a wide range of educational and social events, culminating in the annual Public Service Auction - the Law School's premier social and fund-raising event - which raises thousands of dollars to support the summer jobs of Loyola law students who work in otherwise unpaid public interest law positions.

Members of PILS support and participate in the editing and production of Loyola's Public Interest Law Reporter.

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