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School of Law


Email Announcements: In order to submit an announcement to be sent to the law community over the broadcast email system, please send your email to lawschoolannouncements@luc.edu by 4 p.m. the day before you wish the announcement to be sent. Announcements will be sent out the following morning by 11 a.m.

Digital Monitor: In order to have your announcement appear on the digital monitors located in the 1st floor lobby and outside the library on the 3rd floor, please send your request to lawschoolannouncements@luc.edu.

Calendar: To place your event on the law calendar, please email lawschoolannouncements@luc.edu and request that the event be placed on the law school online calendar.

Room Reservations and Requests for tables in the Lower Level: Please send your room request with at least 7 days notice. For the first three weeks of each semester, the university places a freeze on all classroom assignments, so please plan accordingly.

Speaker Clearance Forms: The speaker clearance form must be completed and submitted to Dean Gaspardo (Room 1227) or Giselle Santibanez-Bania (Room 1240) at least 7 days prior to your event. Please note these considerations: