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School of Law

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Ho

2013 - 2014 Executive Board:

President: Arianne Freeman

Vice-President: Shirley Chen

Secretary: Jasmine Prokscha

Treasurer: Eric Kim

Directors of Social Programming: Jean Liu and Duo Park

Historian: Sarah Jin

Senior Advisory Board: Sabena Auyeung, Robert Quaid & Michael Tien

The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) at Loyola University Chicago School of Law was founded in 1988 as an organization for all students interested in the role of Asian Americans in the legal community. APALSA members have been and are comprised of students of Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese heritage, although participation in APALSA is not restricted to individuals of Asian ethnic descent.

Within the law school, APALSA engages in a big sib/little sib connection for incoming students to ease their transition into law school. APALSA also manages an outline repository, and an annual event for Unity in Diversity Week, as well as Hunger Week.

Outside of the law school, APALSA maintains ongoing relations with Loyola APALSA alumni and is affiliated with the Asian American Bar Association of Chicago (AABA). As a result, APALSA members can depend on a strong network of support. APALSA organizes lunches and other social outings with alumni in order to provide an opportunity for APALSA members to network and find support during their legal education.

Each year, APALSA recognizes and honors a member of the law school's alumni for their service to the profession and to the school. The APALSA Alumni Award has been awarded annually since 2003.

By participating in APALSA, students can aid in increasing the visibility of Asian American interests at Loyola and the greater Chicago community. We encourage all who have an interest to join. For more information about APALSA, please contact President Arianne Freeman at afreeman3@luc.edu.


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