Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities

School of Law

Public Interest Law Convocation and Award

1989  Alexander Polikoff, Executive Director,
Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI)
1990 John Clay, Executive Director,
Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)
1991 Richard Cozzola, Deputy Public Guardian,
Office of the Public Guardian
1992 Father Thomas Paprocki, Founder,
South Chicago Legal Clinic - Archdiocese of Chicago
1993 Anita Weinberg, Staff Attorney,
Legal Assistance Foundation Chicago,
Children's Rights Project
1994 Margaret Benson, Deputy Director,
Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation
1995 Mary Bird, Inspector General of DCFS, and
John Murphy; Michael Howlett and Jack Crowe
1996 Randolph Stone, Director, Mandel Clinic,
University of Chicago;
Michael J. Howlett and Thomas Morsch
1997 John Bouman, Director, Poverty Law Project,
National Clearinghouse for Legal Services;
Michael J. Howlett and Thomas Morsch
1998 Linda Zazove, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation;
Michael J. Howlett
1999 Catherine Ryan, Chief, Juvenile Justice Bureau,
Cook County State's Attorney's office;
Joseph Luby (posthumous)

Theresa Amato, Founder, Executive Director,
Citizen Advocacy Center

Ilene Lin Bloom
Winston & Strawn

2001 Mary Meg McCarthy, Director,
Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center;
John F. Halbleib
2002 Mara Georges, Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago;
Laurel Bellows
2003 Marc Kadish, Director of Pro Bono Activities and
Litigation Training, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw;
Denise Markham
2004 Richard Devine, Cook County State's Attorney;
Roslyn Leib, Executive Director, PILI
2005 Stephanie Altman;
Phil Rock
2006 Shauna Boliker
Roger Pascal
2007 Jack Block, Chairman, Pro Bono Committee, Sachnoff & Weaver;
Wayne Azim Ramelize ('90)
2008 Bridget Lowry ('88);
Jonathan Baum