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Moot Court Awards and Honors (2002-2003)

2003 Robert F. Wagner Moot Court Competition

National Champions, 2nd Place Petitioner's Brief, 3rd Place Overall Brief

James Davidson

Scott Gilbert

Jeff Jordan

2002 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Champions

Scott Abagnale

Julie Kiley

Christopher Kramer

Team 2: Competition Runner-up, 2nd Place Brief

Cynthia Arrotti

Sheri Dietz

Rachel Kiley

2003 Giles Sutherland Rich Patent Law

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Regional Best Oralists, National Quarterfinalists

Matthew Fritz - Regional Best Oralist

Christina Mogan - Regional Best Oralist

Team 2:

Adam Betzen

Jennifer Trout

2003 Niagara Cup International Moot Court Competition

International Runner-up, International Best Oralist

Mary Anne Braun - International Best Oralist

Alexander Jeglic

Josh Liebman

Marie Van Dam

2003 Dominick L. Gabrielli National Family Law

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Runner-up

Lauren Bauser

Alexis Reed

Team 2:

Cindy Baasten

Shannon Reeves-Rich

2002 National Health Law Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Quarterfinalists, 2nd Place Brief

Elissa Koch

Jeremy Nix

Team 2:

Peter Hong

Aaron Perry

2003 Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Runner-up

Marcus Beasley

Aisha Cornelius

Team 2: Regional Best Oralist

Alana Gardner

Alvin Portis - Regional Best Oralist

Team 3:

Vincent Blanco

Sherri-Ann Shaw

2003 Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition

Competition Semi-finalists, 2nd Place Oralists

Heather Nolan - 2nd Place Oralist

Ethan Zelizer - 2nd Place Oralist

2002-2003 National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Runner-up, Regional Best Oralist

Denise Knipp

Molly Mack - Regional Best Oralist

Emily Sherrer

Team 2: Regional 2nd Place Brief

Rebecca Browne

Gregg Kiloren

Simon Soomekh

2002 Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Best Oralists

Stephanie Suen - Regional Best Oralist

Esther Yoon - Regional Best Oralist

Team 2:

Esther Choi

Banafsheh Esmaili

Team 3:

Jong-Won Hyun

Anthony Nguyen

2003 American Bar Association

National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Team 1: Regional Best Oralist

Toby Eveland - Regional Best Oralist

Sarah Gabis

Erin Knoska

Team 2:

Marianne Ryan

Amanda Strainis-Walker

Ian Zenziper

2002-2003 Albert R. Mugel National Tax Law

Moot Court Competition

3rd Place Brief

Christopher Fain

Geoffrey Waguespack


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