Loyola University Chicago


School of Law

Non-Graded Courses

201-Academic Tutor
727-Annals of Health Law Executive Editors
734-Annals of Health Law Members
733-Annals of Health Law Senior Editors
194-Bar Exam Writing Skills
203-Bar Examination Essay Writing Workshop
641-ChildLaw Directed Study
613-ChildLaw Fellows Seminar
631-ChildLaw Graduate Externship
644-Children’s Legal Rights Journal Associate Editors
645-Children’s Legal Rights Journal Executive Editors
640-Children’s Legal Rights Journal Members
645-Children’s Legal Rights Journal Senior Editors
392-Consumer Law Review Associate Editors
395-Consumer Law Review Executive Editors
396-Consumer Law Review Members
394-Consumer Law Review Senior Editor
400-Corboy Fellows I
594-Directed Study
770-Doctoral Dissertation Supervision/Completion
772-Doctoral Dissertation Research II
773-Doctoral Dissertation Supervision
589-Externship-Long Distance
554-Family Law Practicum
512-Graduate Fellow Directed Study
510-Grad Fellowship Independent Research
767-Health Care Industry Seminar
713-Health Law Directed Study
714-Health Law Graduate Externship
707-Health Law Writing Competition
592-Independent Research
560-International Research
450-Independent Study: Mock Trial Witness
285-International Law Review Associate Editors
266-International Law Review Executive Editors
268-International Law Review Members
267-International Law Review Senior Editors
500-Intro. to the Case Study Method and Basics of Legal Writing
459-Introduction to the English Legal Profession
494-Law Journal Associate Editors
490-Law Journal Executive Editors
487-Law Journal Members
491-Law Journal Senior Editors
296-Legal Writing Tutors
511-London Comp Advocacy Program
446-Mini MBA for Law Students
492-Moot Court Board
357-Multistate Bar Exam Fundamentals
617-Policy Practicum: Issues in ChildLaw
304-Practical Introduction to Daley Center Courtrooms
111-Practical Skills Boot Camp
548-Public Interest Boot Camp
427-Public Interest Law Reporter Executive Editors
428-Public Interest Law Reporter Associate Editors
429-Public Interest Law Reporter Members
437-Public Interest Law Reporter Senior Editors
435-Skills Competition Teams