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Library Policies (revised November 1, 2007)



Access to the library is restricted to the following groups of people:




   Book Request Policies

Loyola law students, faculty, and staff may request items from other Loyola libraries as well as the Law Library to be picked up at the Law Library circulation desk.

To Request a Book:

Law Library Books:

Other Loyola Libraries:




Closing Time

All check outs, renewals, and returns should be completed 15 minutes prior to closing time.  Please exit the library when asked by library staff, as university security will be notified of any patron who has not the left the library after closing.



Due Dates

Item Due Dates
Law Books 30 days
Law Journals 7 days (no renewal)
Law Permanent Reserve End of the current day
Law Two Hour Reserve 2 hours (no renewal)
Lecture Videos 1 day (no renewal)
Movie Videos 7 days (no renewal)




   Government Documents

Access to the library's government depository documents will be given Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.  Access will be given to depository documents only, and users must remain within the depository use area at all times.



Interlibrary Loan (requests from libraries outside of Loyola)

Only current Loyola University Chicago Law students, faculty and staff may use interlibrary loan to acquire books or articles not owned by any other Loyola library.  Students of other programs should contact the library appropriate to their program for interlibrary loan services.  Interlibrary loan usually takes 7-10 business days to complete.  Interlibrary loan should not be relied upon if material is needed quicker than this.



Lost/Damaged Materials

Lost or damaged books must be paid for or replaced by the patron.  A lost item charge will consist of the current replacement cost of the lost material, plus a non-refundable $15.00 processing fee.  Books not currently in print will be assessed a $50.00 replacement cost, plus the $15.00 processing fee.  Damaged books will cost the amount to repair, i.e. bindery $15.00, and if the book is not repairable, the price of the lost book as above.  Patrons may replace a lost or damaged book with a copy acceptable to the library, plus the $15.00 processing fee.



Non-Circulating Materials

The following materials do not circulate, and cannot leave the library:



Patron Confidentiality

The Law Library does not disclose the identity of borrowers or their library records.  Please see the Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70/1) for information regarding Illinois state law and patron confidentiality.



Proxy Authorization

Only faculty of the law school may authorize students to check out material to their account.  The faculty member is ultimately responsible for any material checked out to her account.  Please use the proxy authorization form to authorize sponsorship.




All materials are subject to recall after they have been charged to a patron for two weeks.  Books that have been recalled by another patron may not be renewed.  Upon notification, you must return a book that is being recalled by another patron.  If an item is recalled and not returned when requested, library privelages of the individual with the delinquent recall notice will be suspended.  Recalled items are held at the circulation desk for a period of one week.

To recall an item use the recall form.




Circulating material may be renewed in person at the circulation desk, or online using their Pegasus account.  There are no renewals by phone.  To renew in person, present the desk attendant with your valid Loyola ID and the items to be renewed.  To renew using Pegasus, click Patron Info at the top of the Pegasus screen, and enter the 10 digit barcode number on the back of the Loyola ID card, and the last name.  Books that are already overdue cannot be renewed online.



Reserve Carrels

Students who are LLM, SJD, or MJ candidates, faculty research assistants, members of Moot Court, Consumer Law Reporter, or Law Journal, may reserve carrels.  Non-circulating material may not be stored in carrels.  All materials left in carrels are the responsibility of the user of the carrel.




Reserve materials are restricted to library use only, and require a valid Loyola ID to be checked out. Book length materials are usually due back at the end of the day that they are checked out. Xerox or manuscript type materials are usually due back within two hours of check out. All reserve materials must be, in all cases, returned to the circulation desk 15 minutes prior to closing time on the same day the item was checked out.



Study Rooms

Law Library study rooms are for Loyola Law students only.  The circulation desk maintains a daily sign up sheet.  The following policies and procedures should be followed:



Use of Equipment

Please ask the circulation assistants for help in using library equipment.  Typewriters are available for student use in the 4th floor microfilm area.  A hole punch, stapler, scissors and a paper cutter are located in the Circulation Desk area.  The fax machine is not available for student use.

Photocopiers are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Law Library, and accept both change and copy cards.  Copy cards may be purchased on the third floor of the library.

All video and audio equipment should be requested through lawmediaservices@luc.edu.

If students desire to view a tape of a class lecture, the may use the Audio-Visual equipment within the Lewis Library, or make arrangements with Mr. Partyka to use a VCR and TV.  The Law Library does not own or handle any video equipment.



Use of other Loyola Libraries

Loyola Law students are entitled to use any of the other Loyola Libraries.  One of these libraries may be closer to home.



Philip H. Corboy Law Center · 25 E. Pearson Street · Chicago, IL 60611 ·

Circulation Desk: 312.915.6986 · Circulation E-mail: law-library@luc.edu ·

Reference Desk: 312.915.7205 · Reference Desk E-mail: loyolalawreference@luc.edu

Notice of Non-discriminatory Policy