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Alexander Tsesis

Title/s: Professor of Law

Office #: Corboy 1312

Phone: 312.915.7929

E-mail: atsesis@luc.edu

CV Link: tsesis_resume.pdf


Professor Alexander Tsesis joined the Loyola University, Chicago, School of Law faculty in July 2007. He teaches Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Civil Procedure, and seminars devoted to civil rights issues and constitutional interpretation.

His articles have appeared in a variety of law reviews across the country, including the Columbia Law Review, Texas Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, University of California-Davis Law Review, and Boston College Law Review. Professor Tsesis is a frequent presenter to law school faculties nationwide on issues involving constitutional law, civil rights, and hate speech legislation. He has been an expert witness for the Canadian Department of Justice and a legislative advisor to Senator Edward Kennedy. Professor Tsesis has also served as an outside manuscript reviewer for the Cambridge University Press, University of Chicago Press, University of Illinois Press, New York University Press, Oxford University Press, and Yale University Press. Attached is curriculum vitae with a more complete listing of his publications and experiences.

Program Areas

Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
First Amendment Law
Legal History of Civil Rights
The Declaration of Independence in American Historical Development


Professor Alexander Tsesis' SSRN Webpage

List of Publications:


Scholarly Books:

Constitutional Design (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence (Oxford University Press, 2012, Kindle & NOOK 2012, Audible Audio Edition 2013, paperback forthcoming 2014).

Promises of Liberty: The History and Contemporary Relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment ed. Alexander Tsesis (Columbia University Press, 2010, Kindle ).

We Shall Overcome: A History of Civil Rights and the Law (Yale University Press 2008, Kindle & NOOK 2008, paperback 2009).

The Thirteenth Amendment and American Freedom: A Legal History (New York University Press 2004, NOOK 2010).

Destructive Messages: How Hate Speech Paves the Way for Harmful Social Movements (New York Univ. Press, 2002, 2d prtg. 2004, Kindle & NOOK 2010).


Scholarly Articles:

A Theory of the Declaration of Independence, 87 Southern California Law Review * (forthcoming 2016).

Roots of Free Speech and Contemporary Dilemmas, 65 Emory Law Journal * (forthcoming 2015).

Free Speech Constitutionalism, 2015 University of Illinois Law Review * (forthcoming 2015) (lead article).

The Right to Erasure: Privacy and the Indefinite Retention of Data, 49 Wake Forest Law Review 433 (2014).

Maxim Constitutionalism: Liberal Equality for the Common Good, 91 Texas Law Review 1609 (2013) (lead article).

Footholds of Constitutional Interpretation, 91 Texas Law Review 1593 (2013) (symposium introduction).

Inflammatory Speech: Outrage versus Intimidation, 97 Minnesota Law Review 1145 (2013) (lead article).

Gender Discrimination and the Thirteenth Amendment, 112 Columbia Law Review 1641 (2012).

Into the Light of Day: Relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment to Contemporary Law, 112 Columbia Law Review 1447 (2012) (symposium introduction).

Self-Government and the Declaration of Independence, 97 Cornell Law Review 693 (2012) (lead article).

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment, 71 Maryland Law Review 40 (2011).

Due Process in Civil Commitments, 68 Washington and Lee Law Review 253 (2011).

Burning Crosses on Campus: University Hate Speech Codes, 43 Connecticut Law Review 617 (2010); reprinted in The First Amendment Law Handbook (Thomson Reuters West, Rodney Smolla ed., 2011).

Providing Hope: Empowering Homeless Battered Women through Vocational Opportunities, 2 Family & Intimate Partner Violence Q. 73 (2009).

Interpreting the Thirteenth Amendment, 11 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 1337 (2009).

Dignity and Speech: The Regulation of Hate Speech in a Democracy, 42 Wake Forest Law Review 497 (2009).

Principled Governance: The American Creed and Congressional Authority, 41 Connecticut Law Review 679 (2009) (lead article).

Undermining Inalienable Rights: From Dred Scott to the Rehnquist Court, 39 Arizona State Law Journal 1179 (2007).

Freedom to Integrate: A Desegregationist Perspective on the Thirteenth Amendment, 38 University of Toledo Law Review 791 (2007) (lead article); reprinted in Civil Rights Litigation and Attorney Fees Annual Handbook (Steven Saltzman ed., Thomson Publishing 2007).

A Civil Rights Approach, 39 University of California-Davis Law Review 1773 (2006).

Regulating Intimidating Speech, 41 Harvard Journal on Legislation 389 (2004) (symposium by invitation) (lead article).

Furthering American Freedom: Civil Rights & the Thirteenth Amendment, 45 Boston College Law Review 307 (2004); reprinted in Civil Rights Litigation and Attorney Fees Annual Handbook (Steven Saltzman ed., Thomson Publishing 2004).

Contextualizing Bias Crimes: A Social & Theoretical Perspective, 28 Law & Social Inquiry 315 (2003).

The Problem of Confederate Symbols: A Thirteenth Amendment Approach, 75 Temple Law Review 539 (2002).

Prohibiting Incitement on the Internet, 7 Virginia Journal on Law & Technology 5 (2002).

Hate in Cyberspace: Regulating Hate Speech On the Internet, 38 San Diego Law Review 817 (2001).

Eliminating the Destitution of America’s Homeless: A Fair, Federal Approach, 10 Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Rev. 103 (2000).

The Empirical Shortcomings of First Amendment Jurisprudence: An Historical Perspective on the Power of Hate Speech, 40 Santa Clara Law Rev. 729 (2000).

Toward a Just Immigration Policy: Putting Ethics into Immigration Law, 45 Wayne Law Review 105 (1999).

Protecting Children Against Unnecessary Institutionalization, 39 South Texas Law Review 995 (1998).

Preventing Homelessness by Empowering Battered Women Through Vocational Opportunities, Domestic Violence Report 3 (June/July 1996).

Miph o Evreisko-Bolshevistskom Zagovore [Myth of a Jewish-Bolshevik Conspiracy], Aleph, Jan. 1990, at 34 (in Russian).


Scholarly Chapters:

Campus Antisemitic Speech and the First Amendment, in Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity (Brill, forthcoming 2013).

Reconstruction Abolitionism, in Promises of Liberty: Thirteenth Amendment Abolitionism and Its Contemporary Vitality ed. Alexander Tsesis (Columbia University Press, 2010).

Freedom to Integrate, in Civil Rights Litigation and Attorney Fees Annual Handbook ed. Steven Saltzman (Thomson Publishing 2007).

Racist Hate Speech, in Censorship: Current Controversies ed. Julia Bauder (Thomson Gale 2007).

Furthering American Freedom, in Civil Rights Litigation & Attorney Fees Annual Handbook ed. Steven Saltzman (Thomson West 2004).


Bar, Encyclopedia & Other Publications:

The Continued Relevance of the Declaration of Independence, Legal Workshop, Oct. 5, 2012, at http://legalworkshop.org/2012/10/05/the-continued-relevance-of-the-declaration-of-independence

The 13th Amendment: Abolition of Slavery and Beyond, Loyola Law (Fall 2009)

Anti-slavery Constitutionalism, in Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (David S. Tanenhaus et al. eds., 2008).

Thirteenth Amendment, in Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (David S. Tanenhaus et al. eds., 2008).

The Declaration of Independence, in Encyclopedia of Privacy (Bill Staples ed., Greenwood Press, 2007).

William O. Douglas, in Encyclopedia of Privacy (Bill Staples ed., Greenwood Press, 2007).

Federalist Principles and The Reporting of Immigration Status, 13 Chicago Bar Association Record 44 (1999).

The Trailblazers Reach Their Destination, Commentator, Feb. 1996, at 6.

A Snapshot into the Life of a Hobo, Xpressions J., Feb. 1, 1996, at p.4.

Holocaust Museum, Commentary, Dec. 1993, at 13.


Solicited Book Reviews:

G. Edward White, 1 Law in American History, 48 Tulsa Law Review 187 (2012).

Erik Bleich, The Freedom to Be Racist?: How the United States and Europe Struggle to Preserve Freedom and Combat Racism, 127 Political Science Quarterly 511 (2012).

Brian McGinty, John Brown’s Trial, 77 Journal Southern History 960 (2011).

Peggy Pascoe, What Comes Naturally: Miscegenation Law and the Making of Race in America, 116 American Historical Review 457 (2011).

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David Waldstreicher, Slavery’s Constitution: From Revolution to Ratification, 107 Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 273 (2010).

Contested Democracy: Freedom, Race, and Power in American History (Manisha Sinha and Penny Von Eschen, eds., 2007), 95 Journal of American History 202 (2008).

Garrett Epps, Democracy Reborn: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Fight for Equal Rights in Post-Civil War America (2006), 26 Law & History Review 215 (2008).

Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, Understanding Words that Wound, “The Boundaries of Free Speech”, 8 Harvard Latino Law Review 141 (2005).

Richard Delgado, Justice at War, “Justice at War & Brown v. Board of Education”, 47 Howard Law Journal 361 (2004).


Major Presentations:

Challenges of Privacy in the Cyberworld

Wake Forest University School of Law (anticipated, October 2013)

Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference 2013, Papers Commentator and Discussion Leader
Yale Law School, Information Society Project (anticipated, May 2013)

The Global Consequences of Free Speech
University of Connecticut School of Law/ACLU of Connecticut
Milton and Ethel Sorokin Symposium (April 2013)

Constitutional Limits
DePaul University School of Law (March 2013)

(A) Constitutional Foundations
(B) Plurality of Constitutional Theories
University of Texas Law School, organizer and presenter at Symposium (February 2013)

Due Process and Civil Commitments
Loyola University, Chicago, School of Law, Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium (November 2012)

Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective
Fordham University (October 2012)

The Declaration’s Historical Influences
National Archives, Washington, D.C. (September 2012)

Inalienable, Substantive Rights
Law and Society Conference (June 2012)

The Thirteenth Amendment and American Freedom
Georgetown University Law (April 2012)

The Reconstruction Amendments and Constitutional Structure
Notre Dame Law School (March 2012)

Thirteenth Amendment Effectiveness
Columbia University School or Law, speaker and symposium organizer (January 2012)

The Declaration of Independence in the Constitution
Wake Forest University School of Law (October 2011)

A) Self-Governance & the Declaration of Independence (Presenter and Moderator)
B) Expanding the Protection of the Thirteenth Amendment (Presenter and Moderator)
Loyola University School of Law (October 2011) (Constitutional Colloquium)

Inflammatory Speech
University of Texas, Austin (Philosophy Department) (September 2011)

Declaration of Independence and Civil and Political Rights
Washington University School of Law (May 2011)

Due Process in Civil Commitment Proceedings

Loyola University Chicago School of Law (Nov. 2012)
University of Cincinnati College of Law (Apr. 2011)

Genocide and Propaganda
Loyola University School of Law, Chicago (April 2011)

Congressional Power and the Thirteenth Amendment
University of Maryland School of Law (Feb. 2011)

Hate Speech Debate with Geoffrey Stone
University of Chicago, Law School (Feb. 2011)

Dignity and Free Speech
Loyola University School of Law, Chicago, Constitutional Law Colloquium (Nov. 2010)

Internet, New Media, Traditional Stereotypes, Overt Bigotry and the International Regulation of Hate Speech
Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA) (August 2010)

Regulating Campus Antisemitic Speech without Running Afoul of the First Amendment
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies (July 2010)

A) Diversity in Employment and Educational Institutions (Chair and Discussant)
B) Individual Rights, Collective Identities, Regional Policies, Global Society: The Problems and Promises of Community (Chair and Discussant)
C) Challenges to Applying Human Rights (Chair)
Law and Society Annual Conference, Chicago, IL (May 2010)

Hate versus Democracy on the Internet
Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy (March 2010)

The Aspiration of the Thirteenth Amendment
University of Chicago (co-conference organizer and speaker) (April 2009)

Free Inquiry, Hate Speech, and Tolerance on University Campus
Rice University, Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance, public lecture, (March 2009)

The Scope of Power Under the Thirteenth Amendment
University of Pennsylvania Law School (American Constitution Society sponsored event), speaker, (November 2008)

Human Dignity and Free Speech
Wake Forest University School of Law, law review symposium, ( October 2008)

The American Creed and Congressional Authority
Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington, faculty presentation, (October 2008)

The Thirteenth Amendment’s Revolutionary Aims
Law and Society Annual Meeting (presenter and panel co-organizer) (May 2008)

Regulating Hate Speech
Yale Law School, public debate with Dean Rodney Smolla (April 2008)

The Unalienable Core of Citizenship
Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, Symposium (Mar. 2007): video of presentation at <http://law.wustl.edu/centeris/index.asp?id=5579>.

Intentionally Intimidating Speech
Loyola University (Chicago) School of Law, Faculty Presentation (Dec. 2006)

Thirteenth Amendment, Commerce Clause, Fourteenth Amendment: Comparative Analysis
University of Florida College of Law, Faculty Presentation (Nov. 2006)

Abolitionist Influences on American Law
University of Toledo Law School, Symposium (Oct. 2006)

Civil Rights Strategy
a) Marquette University Law School, Faculty Presentation (Dec. 2005).
b) Villanova University School of Law, Faculty Presentation (Oct. 2005).

Future of Hate Speech Regulations
Law and Society Annual Meeting, Presentation Panelist (June 2005).

Thirteenth Amendment & Contemporary Issues
a) University of Toledo College of Law, Faculty Presentation (Apr. 2005).
b) American University, Washington College of Law, Faculty Presentation (Nov. 2004).
c) University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Faculty Presentation (Oct. 2004).

Thirteenth Amendment in Light of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Faculty Presentation (Apr. 2004).

The Balance of Liberty & Equality in U.S. Legal History
Chicago-Kent College of Law, Faculty Presentation (Mar. 2004).

Thirteenth Amendment & Contemporary Issues
a) University of Wisconsin-Law School–Institute for Legal Studies, Faculty Presentation (Apr. 2003).
b) Chicago-Kent College of Law, Faculty Presentation (Feb. 2003).

Hate Speech Legislation
Harvard Law School, Harvard Journal on Legislation, Symposium (Mar. 2003).

Hate Speech in Cyberspace
University of Wisconsin-Law School–Institute for Legal Studies & Political Science Legal Studies Group, Faculty Presentation (Nov. 2001).

Placing Legal Limitations on Child Mental Institutionalization
Public Affairs Panel Presentation, Trebach Institute (June 2001).

Hate Crimes Forum
University of Colorado, School of Law, Forum Address to student organizations (invited by Latino Law Student Association, Asian American Law Student Association, ACLU, Native American Law Student Association, OUTlaw, & National Lawyers Guild) (Mar. 2001).

First Amendment Imminent Threat of Harm Test
American Bar Association Law Student Division (regional meeting) (Feb. 2001).


Other Academic Activities:

Invited Guest Blogger on Oxford University Press Blog (Aug. 2012)

Invited Guest Blogger on Wonders and Marvels Blog (Aug. 2012)

Invited Guest Blogger on American Constitutional Society (Aug. 2012)

Invited Guest Blogger on Huffington Post (July 2012)

Invited Guest Blogger on History News Network (July 2012)

Invited Guest Blogger on Concurring Opinions Blog (July 2011)

Invited Guest Blogger on Balkinization (July 2009-October 2009) http://balkin.blogspot.com/search?q=tsesis


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