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Federal Tax Clinic Pro Bono Panel

Volunteer Opportunities

In order to expand the Low Income Tax Clinic’s ability to meet the needs of its clients a Pro Bono Panel has been established under the Clinic’s direction and supervision.  The panel is made up of practicing attorneys, (some are alumni of the Loyola University Law School and the Federal Tax Clinic), who have or would like to gain experience in federal tax matters, as well as, the opportunity to assist individuals who, otherwise, cannot afford legal representation.  Panel attorneys are offered, on a volunteer basis, the opportunity to represent a taxpayer either before the IRS and/or the US Tax Court.  The client taxpayer is referred to the attorney after the initial screening is performed by the clinic.

The Pro Bono Panel Coordinator, Professor Witkowski, is responsible for the supervision of the cases assigned to members of the panel as well as for providing guidance and assistance to the panel members on an as needed basis.