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About Life After Innocence

Formerly a civil trial lawyer, Laura Caldwell is now a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She has taught International Criminal Law and Advanced Legal Writing. Caldwell is also the director and founder of Loyola's Life After Innocence.

Emily DeYoe, adjunct professor for LAI, is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and currently works for the Cook County Public Defender’s Office.

Articles about Laura Caldwell and Life After Innocence:



Life After Innocence is staffed and sustained by law students at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. The current student members are:

A‌ndrea Jones

Austin Bunch

Dagny Broome 

Jamison Howard

Jordan Fries

Kathleen Hennessy
Nicole Miller

Shamoyita DasGupta

Tyler Cox


Qualifications for Consideration to Loyola’s Life After Innocence Group

Loyola's Life After Innocence clinic will consider clients who meet the following requirements:

Life After Innocence does not accept clients who have had previous convictions for violent crimes, including, but not limited to: rape, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, or armed robbery.

* Regardless of these requirements, Life After Innocence ultimately retains discretion in deciding whether to accept a client to its program.


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