Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Law School Announcements Bulletins

Policies and Procedures

The Law School Announcements are distributed Monday through Friday during the academic year, and generally one to two times per week during breaks.

Students are responsible for keeping up with the content of the daily announcements.  Frequently, important deadlines and information will be announced solely through these bulletins.

Drafting and Sending Your Announcement:

Please send your announcement to LawSchoolAnnouncements@luc.edu in the format below:

Headline:   xxxxxxxxxxx
Body:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Due to obvious time constraints, Law School Announcements staff will not draft headlines, nor will they compose main text from loose, informal descriptions.

Deadline:  Your announcement must be received by 4pm on the day prior to distribution.

Attachments:  We understand that attachments are often necessary, but we prefer that they be kept to a minimum.

Repeat Announcements:

If you would like your message repeated, you must indicate this in your email.

You are entitled to distribution of your message on the day of your event and one day prior, as well as two other non-consecutive days preceding the event date (time permitting) to be determined at the discretion of Law School Announcements staff.  Minor changes to an existing announcement do not constitute a new announcement and will not merit an additional four days of distribution.  If you would like to send a message well in advance of your event to function as a save-the-date, please include this request, and an exception can be made.


In order to maintain a uniform, easy-to-read appearance, formatting will be altered at the discretion of Law School Announcements.  (Typical message body is left justified, and in black, non-bold, non-italic, 12-point Trebuchet font.)

Links:  Law School Announcements occasionally receives requests to create multiple links within a given message, but due to time constraints, is unable to fulfill these requests.  If your message requires links, it is best to have the web address written out in full in the text of your announcement, rather than hidden and linked to through a page title or the phrase "click here."


Law School Announcements is unable to distribute messages that are political in nature or may be seen as an endorsement of either side of an issue.  If your message cannot be sent, or cannot be sent in its current form, you will be contacted.

Class Announcements:  Announcements that pertain only to a particular class, or the classes of only one particular professor, will not be included.  Class-specific messages, such as information on cancellations or assignments, can be sent by professors to their entire roster through LOCUS.

Commercial Announcements:  We will no longer be distributing announcements that are commercial in nature.  At times, when the benefit to students is clear, they may be included as the last announcement listed, and will be restricted to one line (in a bulleted list if multiple announcements exist), rather than the often lengthy messages included in the past.