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Loyola University Chicago’s Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy is pleased to offer JD students the opportunity to enroll in its cutting edge, online health law courses during the summer term. The Online Summer Session will allow both Loyola and non-Loyola JD students to gain key health law knowledge in a flexible online environment.  For non-Loyola students this presents an opportunity to gain exposure to key health law areas which may not be taught at their home law school. Courses are taught by our experienced faculty, all of whom are dedicated to enhancing your practice-ready knowledge and skills. We invite you to join us to study health law online over the summer. 

The Courses*
We provide a cutting-edge health law curriculum, developed in conjunction with a committee of leading health lawyers, industry professionals, and national experts, to health law students across the country. The following courses will be offered during Summer 2015. 

Accelerated Term: May 25-July 12, 2015 (7 weeks)

This course will progress from the basics of a compliance program, including the compliance operations and the Code of Conduct, to specific issues facing the healthcare industry such as anti-kickback, Stark, False Claims Act, and civil monetary penalties; conflicts of interest and governance; tax; coding and billing; privacy, technology, data, and security; and the link between regulatory issues and quality of care. Students will be assigned projects to show them how to implement in a practical setting the various laws, regulations, and standards as well as understand the enforcement environment. THIS CLASS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WITH PERMISSION.

Regular Online Summer Term: May 4-August 9, 2015 (14 weeks)

This course will cover health information law and policy as it pertains to data security and privacy of electronic health records in the United States. Students will examine how individual health information is collected, maintained, and transferred in this electronic information age, and the ramifications when such information is improperly protected, stolen, and misused.

This course exposes students to emerging issues impacting the health care industry. Each issue has the potential to impact providers, health care organizations, health care attorneys, and consumers. The summer 2015 HLSS course will focus on leadership, management, and strategy in the health care context. This course is structured over 14 weeks, in which we alternate between reading weeks, where students are given reading material to introduce them to each issue, and synchronous classroom lectures by national experts on each subject. At the end of the course, each student is asked to write a reflective paper on one of the issues presented and describe the impact that they believe it will have on their practice or the delivery of health care in general. This course is graded pass/fail. THIS CLASS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WITH PERMISSION.

Students utilize case studies for learning and applying knowledge related to the key roles and responsibilities of the health care risk manager. Through the readings and case study analysis students will learn to identify legal, ethical, administrative, and risk management issues and to reach resolutions for the problems presented. They will also understand how principles of risk management have changed since the 1998 IOM Report which called for increased focus on systemic failures and moving away from a culture of blame and shame. THIS CLASS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WITH PERMISSION.

An examination of current data privacy laws and regulations, general risk management strategies, and emerging practical trends with respect to collection, management and retention practices regarding corporate information. In addition, the course will utilize real world contracts and other documents in order to provide students with practical solutions to evolving data privacy compliance and risk management issues. 

*Loyola University Chicago reserves the right to modify course offerings and dates until summer term registration begins in February 2015.

**This course is non-graded, meaning students will earn credit and a grade of pass/fail.


Regular Online Summer Term: May 4-August 9, 2015 (14 weeks)

The Details
American Bar Association regulations allow JD students to earn up to fifteen credits online. Students must have completed 28 credit hours in order to enroll in online courses. Loyola University Chicago JD students have been approved to take courses during the Summer Online Session. Students from other schools are advised to first consult with their law school to obtain permission to take online courses through Loyola. Each non-Loyola student must apply as a summer visiting student, which requires obtaining a letter from their home law school granting them permission to take courses at Loyola University Chicago.

Please note that online courses will be offered for the Summer 2015 term only.  Loyola does not plan to offer online courses to JD students during the traditional fall and spring academic terms.  

Please contact health-law@luc.edu with all questions about the Summer Online Session.  Academic advising for this term is available upon request.

The Process
Register as indicated below for the Online Summer Session. Official enrollment will take place in spring 2015.

  • Loyola students may register for approved online summer courses in LOCUS when summer 2015 registration begins. No other approval is needed. All summer online coursework in health will count toward the JD Health Law Certificate.
  • Non-Loyola students must complete a visiting student application for the Online Summer Session. The application can be found here. Please note that this must be accompanied by a letter of permission to take online courses. The visiting student application deadline is April 1, 2015. Once visiting applications are approved, visiting students will be enrolled in their course(s) of choice.

The Costs
Tuition for the Online Summer Session is $1,410 per credit hour.  Additional student fees may apply.


Enrolling in Loyola University Chicago’s Online Summer Session does not confer visiting or transfer status on any non-Loyola student.  Participating in online summer courses will not provide non-Loyola students with any advantages in the transfer or visiting admissions process.  Non-Loyola students may seek to count these credits toward their JD degrees but will still earn their degrees from their home institutions.

Each state has different rules for admission to the bar.  Students should consult with each jurisdiction in which they intend to practice to ensure that completion of online courses qualify for bar admission.