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Campus Curriculum

The LLM in Health Law is a 24-credit degree program that can be completed in one academic year as a full-time student or in two academic years as a part-time student. With special permission, students can complete the program at an accelerated pace or a slower pace. The campus program begins each fall in late August.  On a special case-by-case basis, an applicant to the campus LLM program may be permitted to start the program in the spring term with permission from the faculty.  

All campus full-time students must complete 11-13 required credits, including a 3-credit master's thesis, and an externship for 1-3 credits. Elective courses will account for the remaining 11-13 credits. Part-time students must complete 9 required credits, including a 3-credit master's thesis, and additional elective courses for the remaining 15 credits. Part-time students may participate in the externship program as an elective.

All on-campus LLM students must take Health Care Business and Finance during their first term and should take the LLM Paper course in their final term. Externship placement for all students is done through the Beazley Institute's Externship Program. Those starting during the spring term or pursuing the accelerated option can make adjustments to this schedule on a case-by-case basis. 

Suggested Pace
Full-time Students completing program in one year: 12-15 fall semester, 9-12 spring semester
Part-time Students completing program in two years: 6 credits per semester

Required Courses (credit hours)
All students must complete the following courses:
*Please note that students starting the program in the spring term or pursuing the accelerated option will make adjustments to this curriculum on a case-by-case basis.

Health Care Business and Finance (3) (fall)
Introduction to Health Law (3) (fall)
LLM Paper (3) (spring or during final semester)

Additionally, full-time students must complete the following courses:

LLM Seminar (1) (fall)
Health Law Externship (1-3) (either semester)

Elective Courses  (credit hours)
Students may take their remaining credits from any of the following: 

Access to Health Care (2-3) (spring)
Administrative Law and Health Care Regulation (2) (spring)
Antitrust in the Health Care Field (2) (fall)
Bioethics, Law & Policy (2-3)(spring)
Constitutional Issues in Health Law (2) (spring)
Corporate Transactions in Health Care (3) (spring)
Government Health Policy (2) (fall)
Health Care Compliance (2) (varies)
Health Care Fraud and Abuse  (1) (fall)
Health Care Labor Law  (1) (fall)
Health Care Litigation & Medical Malpractice (2) (spring)
Health Care Payment & Policy (2-3) (varies)
Health Information Privacy & Technology (2) (spring)
Life Sciences, Research, and the FDA (2) (fall)
Mental Health Law (2) (spring)
Physician Regulation (1) (fall)
Risk Management, Patient Safety & Quality (2) (fall)
Topics in Long Term Care (2) (spring)

LLM students should consult the School of Law's Registration Packet for an accurate list of each semester's course offerings. 

Compliance Curriculum and Online Courses

Students enrolled in the LLM in Health Law degree program may pursue a  concentration in compliance studies. Students who focus their studies in compliance and meet the minimum requirements are eligible to earn a designation highlighting their expertise in compliance and qualifying them to sit for compliance certification examinations.  Campus students wishing to pursue this concentration may take compliance courses online with permission from their advisor.  For more details about Loyola’s compliance program, click here.    

Campus LLM students may take online health law courses on a case-by-case basis.  Students must contact their advisor for permission to enroll in online courses. A complete list of online health law courses is available here


For curriculum and schedule advising please contact Kristin Finn, Beazley Institute Assistant Director, at kfinn1@luc.edu or 312-915-6428.

Rights Reserved

The Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy reserves the right to amend the degree requirements and to add to or delete from the list of courses that satisfy the degree requirement at any time.

LLM in Health Law Accelerated Option
Loyola offers an accelerated option for those students who want to pursue the LLM in Health Law degree on campus. Any JD candidate who completes health law courses while enrolled as a regular, visiting, or transfer student at Loyola can apply up to six health law course credits to the Loyola LLM in Health Law degree provided they completed the courses with a grade of "B" or better. Visiting or students will still graduate with a degree from their home law school if they completed at least two years there.

Under the accelerated option, an LLM candidate must complete 18 additional credits after receiving their JD degree. Many accelerated students choose to take 15 credits in the fall semester and the 3-credit LLM thesis course in spring semester. Under this plan, an accelerated student remains in residence at Loyola for only one additional semester before pursuing an exciting career in health law.

Applicants wishing to pursue the accelerated degree option must indicate this preference on their application to the LLM program.