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Applying for Admission

Loyola University Chicago accepts applications for the MJ, LLM, and SJD degree programs year-round and admissions decisions are made on an ongoing basis. Applicants should note the deadlines and start dates for each specific program. Early applications are advised. Applications are complete once all supporting documentation has been submitted.

To learn more about applying to Loyola’s JD Degree program, please visit the Law School Admissions site.

Campus Programs: LLM and SJD Degrees

Fall enrollment only
Application Deadline: July 1
Fall Term Begins: Late August
Fall Term Ends: Early December

Online Programs: MJ and LLM Degrees

Fall Term 
Application Deadline: August 1
Term Begins: early September
Term Ends: mid-December 

Spring Term 
Application Deadline: December 1
Term Begins: early January
Term Ends: mid-April

Summer Term 
Application Deadline: April 1
Term Begins: early May
Term Ends: mid-August 

*Please note that deadlines are for submission of all materials, including application and supporting documentation.

For all graduate degrees: We do not require the GRE, LSAT, or any other entrance examination. Note that international applicants may be required to submit TOEFL test scores. Please see information for international applicants.

MJ Degree
- Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree.

- Applicants must possess at least three years of experience in the health care field

LLM Degree:
- Applicants for the LLM degree must possess a Bachelor's degree and a primary degree in law (JD or LLB).

- Applicants for the online program only must possess at least three years of experience in the health care or legal fields to be considered for admission.

- Applicants are not required to be licensed to practice law. Those who are members of the bar must submit a letter from each jurisdiction in which they are licensed confirming that the applicant is in good standing. 

SJD Degree:
- Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree, a primary degree in law (JD or LLB.), a Master of Laws (LLM) in health law or a related field, or a master’s in health administration or public health.

- Applicants must prepare and submit with their application a detailed research proposal of their intended dissertation project

- Applications for the Master of Jurisprudence (MJ), Master of Laws (LLM, campus and online), and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) programs are only accepted online. Use the link below to begin the application process.

- There is no fee to apply.

- All applicants are required to provide Loyola with:

1) official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended;
2) one letter of recommendation from a person familiar with their education or work experience;
3) a current resume or CV; and
4) a 1-2 page essay detailing the applicant’s motivation for applying to the program and how the applicants plans to utilize their graduate degree in health law.

- Applicant files are presented to and reviewed by the Loyola Admissions Committee only after all application materials have been received. Accepted applicants are notified promptly. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management at 312-915-8950 or GradApp@luc.edu.

International Applicants

- International Applicants are required to submit non-U.S. transcripts, regardless of what language the instruction or transcript is in, to the Educational Credential Evaluators at https://www.ece.org to determine equivalency to a U.S. degree. If you already have a US Masters degree, you will be able to skip this evaluation. In addition to the evaluation, which must be sent to Loyola directly from the credential service, you must send one set of transcripts/mark sheets to the address below. Please review all requirements for international applicants.

Graduate Enrollment Management
Loyola University Chicago
820 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611 

Additional Requirements for SJD Applicants

-There is a required pre-application process for SJD applicants. Prior to formally applying for admission to the doctoral programs, prospective SJD applicants must submit a letter of intent to apply to the Beazley Institute for Health Law Doctoral Admissions Committee before preparing a formal application for a degree program. This letter should describe the candidate’s educational and professional background, interest in the doctoral program, and the proposed area(s) of doctoral dissertation research. This will enable the committee to properly determine whether the health law program has sufficient faculty expertise in the areas of research interest for a candidate. Only candidates who have been advised to do so by the committee should submit a full application for the doctoral program. Letters should be submitted via email to healthlawonline@luc.edu.

- Once approved to apply for the doctoral program, note that SJD applicants are required to submit two additional documents to Graduate Enrollment Management via email at GradApp@luc.edu.

1) Research Proposal

Submit a detailed research proposal (10-12 pages) outlining your intended dissertation project. The proposal should clearly set forth your thesis statement, the legal and policy resources you intend to use, any empirical data you intend to collect, and your proposed conclusion. The admissions process for doctoral programs is highly selective and the committee will carefully evaluate all proposals for compatibility with the research agenda, curriculum, and goals of the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy.

2) Writing Sample

All doctoral applicants must submit a writing sample.  This should include a lengthy thesis or article written solely by the applicant on a legal or health care policy topic.  Applicants may submit a previous thesis project or course paper from their masters’ level degree to fulfill this requirement.  Writing samples will enable the admissions committee to evaluate your research and writing skills.

Online Application Form
You will be asked to create a login account to access the online application.

When applying for admission to a health law degree program, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that Loyola receives all supporting documentation, including letters of recommendation and transcripts prior to the application deadline.

If you are nearing the admissions deadline, please be aware of these documentation submission shortcuts:

  1.  We will accept “unofficial” copies of your transcripts (i.e., those that you may already have in your possession or can easily download from your alma mater’s website) for review purposes only.  We must have all official transcripts before you’ll be allowed to register for your second semester classes.  Make sure to follow the directions provided in the online application regarding where to send all official transcripts.
  2. Second, you may also submit your resume and personal statement as word or pdf documents via email.
  3. Finally, your letter writers may submit their recommendations directly via email. 

All of these items must be sent via email to both healthlawonline@luc.edu and gradapp@luc.edu.  If you have questions, please contact us at 800.424.3986.