Loyola University Chicago

Civitas ChildLaw Center

School of Law

JD/MA Degree in Comparative Law and Education

The Institute has joined with the School of Education to offer a dual J.D./M.A. degree in Comparative Law and Education. That program, offered by the School of Law and the Cultural and Educational Policy Studies program of the Graduate School of Education, focuses on the legal right of children to an education. This program is intended to produce legal experts who have a grasp of global issues of education with expertise in the legal right of children.

Comparative Law is the study of differences and similarities among the legal systems of nations. Comparative Education applies the intellectual tools of history and the social services to understanding international issues of education. The importance of these comparative fields has increased enormously in the present age of internationalism, economic globalization, and democratization. This joint program brings together the two fields of Comparative Law and Comparative Education on behalf of international advocacy for children's rights to an education.


  • The dual-degree program makes it possible to earn both J.D. and M.A. degrees simultaneously and in a much shorter time than if the two degrees were pursed independently.
  • Students who complete the requirements for the dual degree in Comparative Law and Education will also receive an additional credential: the Certificate in International Law and Practice. The Certificate signifies to prospective employers, universities and funding agencies that they are uniquely qualified to study or practice in the arena of international and comparative law.
  • Students enjoy the support of two prestigious centers and their network of accomplished faculty and distinguished alumni throughout their professional careers.