Loyola University Chicago

Career Services

School of Law

1L Job Search Timeline


  • Attend the Office of Career Services 1L Orientation
  • Read "Career Planning 101," the Career Services handbook
  • Meet with your assigned career counselor
  • Explore the Symplicity database
  • Respond to job listings posted on Symplicity, PSLawNet, and in the Government Honors & Internship Handbook
  • Regularly read the OCS website and emails from our office
  • Read the OCS monthly newsletter
  • Read the Law School Announcements everyday


  • Begin preparing materials for mailing resumes out for summer jobs. Materials cannot be sent out prior to December 1st. Some larger firms will interview over winter break.
  • Use the Chicago Area 4 or More List to create a list of firms for a targeted mailing
  • Look for emails from OCS regarding law firm invitations to attend receptions over winter break
  • Continue meeting with your career counselor to review resumes and cover letters and/or to prepare for interviews
  • If you will be in your home town or another city for the summer, send cover letters and resumes to employers in that location letting them know that you will be available to interview over winter break and letting them know when you will be in town
  • Register for the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference (http://mpilcc.uchicago.edu). Research the employers who will be attending this event.


  • Contact individuals in your network (former employers, family friends, etc.) to discuss summer job opportunities
  • Send letters out for summer job opportunities with large law firms
  • Follow-up with employers
  • Continue checking Symplicity - new jobs are posted daily!


  • Attend a resume and/or cover letter workshop to further improve your materials
  • Follow-up with employers who have not yet responded to your winter break mailing


  • Be aware of upcoming deadlines for summer funding, fellowships, internships, grants, and other public interest funding.
  • Attend the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference in Chicago
  • Watch for postings for law school clinic jobs and research assistant positions (on Symplicity and in the daily Law School Announcement emails)
  • Begin to schedule out-of-town interviews for spring break
  • Consider applying to become a judicial extern for the summer or fall - watch for emails from our office as well as information in the Law School Announcement emails regarding externship information sessions)


  • Register for Loyola's Patent Law Interview Program - only if you have a background in science or technology
  • Be aware of upcoming deadlines and get materials to these employers on time


  • Contact individuals in your network to discuss summer opportunities and/or to gather information about legal practice
  • Schedule interviews for summer employment
  • Continue checking Symplicity - new jobs are posted daily!


  • Attend orientation for fall On-Campus Interviewing
  • Attend the "Preparing for Your Summer Job" program presented by the Office of Career Services and the Law Library
  • Attend OCS programming
  • Register for upcoming job fairs
  • Try out for law journals and/or moot court, which provide excellent experience and are good on a resume


  • Register for job fairs (CCBS, BLSA, Vault, Lavender Law, Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference, IMPACT, etc.)
  • Work full- or part-time to obtain legal experience
  • Read emails from our office to remain informed about fall OCI, your second-year job search, and other career services events and activities
  • Update Symplicity with any changes in your contact information over the summer
  • Update your resume and cover letter to reflect your summer activities
  • Make a list of references (legal employers, other employers, law school professors, etc.)
  • Select one or more writing samples and revise & redact as necessary
  • Create a career file to keep track of your summer work experience and contacts, including: (1) brief descriptions of your assignments, (2) your written work product, (3) a list of clients with whom you worked, and (4) a list of attorneys with whom you worked
  • Research long-term career options