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Current students who wish to reapply for any financial aid must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year. The FAFSA Federal School Code is 001710. Students should file the FAFSA before April 1 of the academic year for which they are seeking assistance. www.fafsa.gov

Need-Based Scholarships

Based upon financial need, the FAFSA results are required for the Need-Based Scholarship renewal. The deadline for receipt by the University of your FAFSA results is April 1 annually. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the loss of your Need-Based Scholarship. We recommend filing your FAFSA at minimum six weeks before this date to ensure your results are received on time.

Endowed Scholarships

The deadline to apply for Endowed Scholarships is April 1 each year.

Direct Loan Borrowers 

Unsubsidized Loan
You are automatically packaged with $20,500 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for the academic year. If you would like to reduce or decline this amount, you must do so in LOCUS before the start of classes.

Graduate Plus Loan

If you are borrowing the Graduate PLUS loan, please visit studentloans.gov to complete a request and a new MPN every year. The deadline for the year is late summer.

More information on the Federal Direct Loan Program.

Federal Work Study

Law students may qualify for positions in law school offices, library, as faculty research assistants, and with specified not-for profit community agencies through a program subsidized by federal funding. Only programs listed in the link below under Community Work-Study Jobs will be considered. Law students can request a free RamblerLink account to search for available positions. Please note law students are not auto-packaged with a Federal Work Study allowance. Students interested must first secure a position, determine hours per week and hourly pay, and submit an appeal form to the University Financial Aid office. An approved appeal will reduce your eligibility for the Graduate PLUS loan if you have borrowed up to your cost of attendance.

More information on Federal Work Study.


Please check your LOCUS account to see the status of your loans. For questions and concerns, follow up with the University’s Office of Student and Financial Assistance (OSFA) at lufinaid@luc.edu and give them 48 hours to respond.

Information for Outgoing Visiting Students

If you have been granted permission to study at another U.S. law school for credit toward your Loyola University Chicago law degree and are borrowing educational loans to meet your educational costs, you must notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.

We will ask the host school to complete a consortium agreement. We will process loan applications if you will receive your degree from us while you are studying at another U.S. law school. The host school will be asked to provide us with information regarding your dates of attendance, cost of attendance, and enrollment status.

Scholarship Retention Data (ABA Standard 509)

Loyola University Chicago's merit scholarships are automatically renewed if the student is in good standing. Consequently, all students receiving merit scholarships retain them as long as they are enrolled in the school.


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