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My family is from Zacatecas, Mexico and both of my parents are immigrants. Therefore, I am a first generation college student. I entered college wanting to master my Spanish language and literacy, so I became a Spanish major my second semester at Loyola. At that time I noticed that many of the Spanish literature classes overlapped with issues and movements of Latin America. One of my professors was promoting the Latin American Studies Program and I looked into it a bit more, and since many of both my International and Spanish major classes overlapped I talked to the director of the program and declared the minor, hoping to enhance my understanding of the world outside of the United States. Once a minor, I took  the class HIST 355-001 Latin America: Recent Times, which was very revealing to the issues of Latin America that were only touched briefly in other classes. Many of these issues (like guerrilla warfare, oppression, economic dependency) may not affect us directly right now. However, in the long run these issues have and will continue to affect us in United States foreign policies, import and export products, and even the issue of illegal immigration is something that we are living through at this moment. So it is important to understand how and why it is that the relationship of Latin America and the rest of the world is complicated.