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I'm an almost-life-long resident of Chicago's south side. My experiences as a south sider and, in particular, my experiences working alongside Mexican immigrants in Chicago restaurants, eventually helped give rise to my research interests in migration, race, and labor.

At Loyola, I teach courses on migration, Mexico, and ethnographic methods, in addition to introductory cultural anthropology courses.

My current research develops questions raised by my first research project. For my first project, I explored how immigration status shapes the life situations of undocumented people at home, at work, and in society at large. My current research project asks, how do people's lives change when they become legal? To address this question, I have been conducting a three year ethnographic project with undocumented people who are undertaking the process of adjusting their immigration status. 

What I like most about being at Loyola is that I get to both pursue research and teach. I also like my colleagues and students!