Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services


Services we provide for any kind of Projects within Loyola University Chicago

P.A.Q.S organizes and manages resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time, and cost constraints. Provides consistent processes to help improve project execution by:

P.A.Q.S Project Management Services

Project management:

  • Document Review
  • Mentoring & Consulting
  • Process & Standards
  • Project Planning
  • Shadowing

P.A.Q.S Architecture Services: 

  • Addressing Enterprise Business Challenges
  • Architecting Enterprise Systems
  • Providing Holistic Solutions
  • Supporting Governance

P.A.Q.S Quality Assurance Services:

  • Advising on Best Practices, Providing Guidance and Input for All Quality Assurance Activities, Providing Templates and
  • Creating Test Scripts, Executing of Testing Activities, Defect Discovery and Resolution of All Associated Testing Activities for a Project
  • Formats and Information for QA Artifact
  • Hands-On Scheduling of Test Resources, Building Schedules and Planning for QA Activities, Deliverables of Test Strategies, Test Plans and Test Data
  • Improving the Quality of Your Project Using P.A.Q.s Quality Assurance Templates and Processes
  • Mentoring and Consulting
  • Process and Standards
  • Testing Leads
  • Testing Resources

P.A.Q.S Security Services:

  • Evaluations and Document Review
  • Forensics and Data Recovery
  • Mentoring and Consulting on Security and Risk Management
  • Monitoring and Protection
  • Process and Standards

Note: if you want to request for all of these services or any one of these, please go to the services request forms.