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Remote Access Via Dial-In

Connecting from the Residence Halls

All students living in residence halls can connect to Loyola's Internet resources by means of an ethernet connection (in most halls). Information to make the connection is on the Web at https://resnet.luc.edu.

Residence hall students can also use their own Internet service provider, a telephone, and their modem to dial in to the Internet. Loyola provides an Internet dialer file for those users who do not already have an Internet provider. (See next item.)

Internet "Dialer" Software for Windows XP/ME/2000/98, as well as Macs
Choose your operating system to view documentation regarding remote Dial-up access:

When you have downloaded the necessary script and followed the instructions to install it on your computer's hard drive, you will be able to dial in to Loyola's Internet resources.

There are a limited number of phone lines available for Loyola Connect dial-in access; users may get a busy signal when all lines are in use. As an alternative to Loyola Connect, you may choose an independent Internet service provider (ISP). ITS encourages everyone to do their own research on ISP services based on individual needs. If you have questions, contact Katyalyce Holiday at kholida@luc.edu, or at 8-7624.

Questions about using Loyola's Internet connectivity software can be directed to the Help Desk at 8-4ITS or 773-508-7190.

Other Internet Providers

Because of the rapidly increasing demand for Internet access from home computers, Loyola's conventional remote routes (SLIP access via dial-in lines) are occasionally overwhelmed, causing delays in connecting and sluggish response times. In addition, users who experience difficulties establishing or using connections outside of normal University business hours cannot get help through the University's normal support system, the Help Desk.

Many Loyola users, however, find this level of service to be sufficient for their remote Internet access needs, and use the Loyola Internet dialer file (see above) for their connectivity. Many users, however, contract with commercial Internet services providers such as AOL or CompuServe which offer suites of Internet tools and support to their clients. Other, smaller providers may provide fewer, or more limited, services, but may also be less expensive.

NOTE: You should know that when you use other service providers, it is possible that you may not have access to all of Loyola's Intranet pages.


Information Technology Services
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