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Personal Purchases

Loyola University Chicago does not require students to have a personal computer, however, it is recommended. Whether you purchase a desktop or a laptop computer, it is important to balance quality and performance with cost. Loyola’s ITS staff make the following recommendations for system configurations.

Windows ComputersRecommendedMinimum
Processor Core i5 3.1 Core i3 2.5
Memory 4 GB RAM 2.0 GB RAM
Hard Drive 500 GB 250 GB
Wireless Card 802.11n 802.11g
Optical Drives DVD-RW DVD-RW
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 7
Software Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2007
Warranty 3 year (parts and labor) 1 year (parts and labor)
Apple ComputersRecommendedMinimum
Processor Core i5 2.7 Core2Duo 2.4
Memory 4 GB 2 GB
Hard Drive 500 GB 250GB
Wireless Card 802.11/n 802.11/ng
Optical Drives DVD-RW DVD-RW
Operating System Snow Leopard OS X
Software Office 2011 Office 2008
Warranty AppleCare Protection Plan AppleCare Protection Plan

Most computer manufacturers (including Apple and Dell) allow you to choose the components in your computer. While this freedom to choose is good, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of options and components that are available. You may find the following sites from CNET Reviews a good place to help you guide your purchase decision.

  Desktop Reviews http://reviews.cnet.com/desktop-computer-buying-guide/ 

  Laptop Reviews http://reviews.cnet.com/laptop-buying-guide/

Personal Hardware Purchases

Once you decide on the computer you want, you can take advantage of the personal purchase discounts available to students, faculty and staff through Dell and Apple. Please visit TechConnect and see hardware purchases for full information.

Personal Software Purchases

For word processing and other productivity applications, Loyola University Chicago uses the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Students, faculty and staff can purchase this software at Academic Pricing through our TechConnect web pages. Also available to students, faculty, and staff at educational pricing are select Adobe products such as Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and others. Please visit the TechConnect and see software purchases for full information.

Note: Information Technology Services does not provide repair or diagnostic service for personally owned computers. ResNet is able to provide limited technical support to students connecting to University resources and assist them in resolving computer related issues. Please visit the ResNet web pages for more information.

Departmental Purchases

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lenovo for the purchase of desktop and laptop computers. After conducting an extensive review looking at products, prices, and services, ITS compared several providers and determined that Lenovo; one of the largest sellers of personal computers, could best support Loyola's needs in the future. We will continue to use MIS, our existing reseller, to facilitate these purchases through the same procurement website. To purchase or view our standard configurations please visit http://www.miscomputer.com/livesite/loyola/ or click on the links below:

If you require hardware or software that is not standard, you'll need to submit an online request for review. Information Technology Services will review your request.

Information & Instructions about the Review Process for Departmental Purchases

Information Technology Services will review non-standard technology purchases for the purpose of ensuring that your departmental purchase will effectively be compatible with Loyola's environment. Read the University Hardware & Software Acquisition Policy.

In order to effectively review your needs, please provide the following information on the form:

  • Please explain the benefits over the standard configuration.
  • Will the item be connected to the network?
  • Are you requesting ITS assistance in installing or supporting the product?
  • Are you purchasing a warranty for service and support?
  • Is training required?
  • Does a contract need to be signed for this purchase? If so, has the contract been reviewed in accordance with the Contract Policy?
  • Have you already contacted the vendor about this purchase? If so, please provide the name and contact information.

When the review is complete, ITS will notify you via e-mail. A copy of the completed review will also be sent to the purchasing department. You do not need to wait for the ITS review to be completed before submitting a purchase requisition, but the Purchasing Department will not process the request until the review is finished.

Faculty requesting network-based software for student or classroom use should also submit a Instructional Software Request Form (2017-2018) form.

If you have questions about this form or the review process, please contact the Help Desk at 8-4ITS. You can also e-mail hw-sw-purchases@luc.edu for assistance.