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PAM - First Time User

To set up your questions, you will need to go to PAM. You will need to either open that link in a new window, or print out a copy of the instructions. You will also need to know what your password is currently set to.

Once at PAM, you will need to either type in your username in the Username field or type in your last name in the Last Name field. If you have a long last name, you can simply type the first few characters then a *, such as baze*. Then click the Next button under the box you typed in.


You should see a screen with one or more login IDs. Locate your ID and click on it. If you do not see your ID, go back to the initial screen and make sure you correctly typed your login ID. If your name has a yellow or red light next to it, you can click on the light to see the cause. A red light will prevent you from logging in normally.



Type in your password in the Password: field and click Next.


On the next screen, click on Self-Service Password Reset Setup, which should be one of the top items in the column on the left.


Type your current password in the Current password field. Then type in 2 questions that would be difficult for anyone else to know the answer to. One recommendation is to use one question that only your immediate family would know, and to draw your other question from something only your close friends would know and that you wouldn't share with your family. Then type in each answer, and verify each answer. Then click Save. The answers that you type in are case-sensitive, so if you type "schoolbus" as the answer to your question, when using PAM later "Schoolbus" or "SCHOOLBUS" will not be correct answers - only "schoolbus" will work.


You should see a message confirming that your self-reset credentials (aka your questions) have been stored. Now click on the door icon to logout.





Information Technology Services
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