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Vulnerability Assessment Policy


This policy covers all of Loyola University Chicago’s computing, networking, telephony and information resources.


The purpose of this policy is to grant authorization to appropriate members of the Information Security Team to conduct audits, consisting of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, against the University’s computing, networking, telephony and information resources..

Audits may be conducted to:


For the purpose of performing an audit, consent to access identified systems will be provided to members of the Information Security Team through the ITS Vulnerability Assessment Authorization Form. Via completion of the form the University hereby provides its consent to allow members of the Information Security Team to access its computing, networking, telephony and information resource devices to the extent necessary to perform the scans authorized in this policy.

This access may include:

The Information Security Team will communicate the details of the vulnerability assessment with the Department Head before scheduling and deploying any assessments.

Limited Vulnerability Scanning

In addition to vulnerability scanning and penetration testing supplied by the Information Security Team, the Information Security Team will provide University affiliates access to a vulnerability scanning portal, through the use of the ITS Vulnerability Assessment Authorization Form. This portal will allow authorized users to scan only their Department’s computer systems, on an as needed basis.

Service Degradation and/or Interruption

Network and server performance and/or availability may be affected by network scanning. The University releases the Information Security Team of any and all liability for damages that may arise from network and server availability restrictions caused by approved network scanning.

PCI Environment Scanning Requirements

As part of the University's PCI-DSS Compliance requirements, the Information Security Team will run internal and external network vulnerability scans at least quarterly and after any significant change in the network (such as new system component installations, changes in network topology, firewall rule modifications, product upgrades).

Although the University utilizes access controls to prevent the deployment of rogue access points in the University's cardholder environment, The Network Services Team will use wireless scanners in the University’s cardholder environment on at least a quarterly basis to ensure that rogue wireless networks are not present.


Exceptions to this policy will be handled in accordance with the ITS Security Policy.


This policy will be maintained in accordance with the ITS Security Policy.


In emergency cases, actions may be taken by the Incident Response Team in accordance with the procedures in the ITS Incident Response Handbook. These actions may include rendering systems inaccessible.


Documents Referenced

ITS Incident Response Handbook

ITS Security Policy

Vulnerability Assessment Authorization Form

History and Updates

September 30, 2008: Initial Policy
September 18, 2012: Added section for PCI Compliance
July 17, 2013: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
Author: UISO
Version: 1.1


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