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ITS Governance

IT Governance at Loyola is defined as a set of relationships and frameworks that provide input into process implementation, technology decisions and project work within Information Technology Services.


The ITS strategic plan provides a framework for the alignment of technology and services to the overall university mission and goals. The department mission & vision provides a foundation for service and the delivery of technology needs.

The ITS Rings of Excellence are used to illustrate and reinforce the concept of performance excellence for technology services at Loyola University Chicago. The rings represent five core areas where major technology investments are focused. The top three rings are the reason why we are here: to support faculty (Academic and Faculty Support), staff (Administrative Initiatives), and students (Student Technology Support) in the activities of teaching, learning and research. The bottom two gold rings are the underlying platforms on which we deliver all of these services via secure, physical hardware and devices (Infrastructure), and the associated services and support in the forms of service improvement, enhancements, and innovation (Continuous Service Development). With these ring categories, we are able to capture the institutional goals identified in the LUC Strategic Plan and map our major initiatives to the institutional goals and these five core focus areas. The LUC goals and their alignment with the Rings of Excellence support the ITS requirement of quality service to University Departments and Schools. 

The ITS Plan of Record (POR) is created on a semi-annual basis and represents the prioritized and critical IT initiatives. These initiatives are in direct alignment with the ITS rings of excellence and support of the overall university mission and goals.

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IT Score Cards communicate the overall health of institutional systems and their corresponding technology. 


IT Governance at Loyola is defined as a set of relationships and frameworks that provide input into process implementation, technology decisions and project work within Information Technology Services. The ITS Executive Steering Committee (ITESC) was created to enable customers to have direct into the prioritization and scheduling of IT initiatives.

The ITESC Sub-Committees allow for senior level staff members within Loyola to provide recommendations regarding technology needs, value and corresponding business priority.


The Governance of policies, standards and guidelines within IT helps to promote consistency of process and 
involvement of proper audiences.

The ITS Policies and Guidelines are centrally organized for your convenience.


As an extension of the formal governance process, ITS also conducts quarterly meetings with the following functional areas: Academic Affairs, Advancement, Finance, Human Resources, and Student Affairs. The purpose of these meetings is to have more focused conversations on projects and priorities within the functional area to enhance the communications and understanding of the combined project teams. Additionally, ITS has standing offers to provide targeted and general updates on Technology at Loyola to faculty, schools, departments, deans, staff and students. If you would like to request a presentation, please send inquiries to Susan Malisch at smalisc@luc.edu.




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