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Information Security Advisory Council - ISAC

Chair: Jim Pardonek—University Information Security Office

Academic Affairs Jo Beth D'Agostino None
Advancement Ronald Iwanski TBD
Finance Cory O'Brien TBD
Financial Aid Tobyn Friar None
Human Resources Carol Mc Cormack TBD
ITS—Infrastructure Dave Wieczorek Kathy Ryan
ITS—Applications Cheryl Heckel Charlotte Pullen
Registration & Records Diane Hullinger TBD
Risk Management Shauna Conley Sue Bodin
Student Development Brian Houze Dana Broadnax
Health Services Division Ron Price Roger Russell
Ex-Officio Jim Sibenaller None


The Information Security Council will provide guidance and oversight of the Information Security program with an emphasis on risk assessment, risk prioritization, strategy and policy issues.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Security Advisory Council is to assist management in securing University information assets, regardless of format, by providing guidance and oversight in the creation of an information security and risk management program. This includes directing security strategy, deciding on project priorities, recommending security policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance to applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of the information security program, and serving as an advocate of the information security program.

ISAC Meetings:

February 24, 2016 Minutes Meeting Slides
January 27, 2016 Minutes Meeting Slides
October 1, 2015 Minutes Meeting Slides
May 8, 2015 Minutes Meeting Slides
July 15, 2014 Minutes Meeting Slides
January 29, 2014 ISAC Minutes July 15 2014.pdf Meeting Slides
July 25, 2013 Minutes Meeting Slides
February 14, 2013 Minutes Meeting Slides
December 18, 2012 Minutes Meeting Slides
October 18, 2012 Minutes Meeting Slides
July 25, 2012 Minutes Meeting Slides
August 16, 2010 Minutes Meeting Slides
May 24, 2010 Minutes Meeting Slides
January 14, 2010 Minutes Meeting Slides
October 29, 2009 Minutes Meeting Slides
September 17, 2009 Minutes Meeting Slides
August 4, 2009 Minutes Meeting Slides


Personal Information Risk Group (PIRG) Archives:

The Information Security Advisory Council replaced the Personal Information Risk Group in August of 2009. For a history of PIRG activities please click here.

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