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Information Technology Services

Data Governance Committee

        Function/Area       Member
Institutional Research Rick Hurst (Co-Chair)
Data Architecture (ITS) Conrad Vanek (Co-Chair)
Student Financials Tom Contania
Finance Becky Gomez
Registration & Records Clare Korinek
Human Resources Carol McCormack
Enterprise Databases (ITS) Charlotte Pullen
Enrollment Management Tim Heuer

Current Members as of 01 Nov, 2009

       Data Governance is a framework of policies, procedures, and standards used to establish the
       effective use and collection of a valuable asset - University data. The goals of this committee are:
           1) To provide data definitions and policies which are consistent, uniform, and accurate for
               reporting and analyses.
           2) To provide a framework which ensures data are captured accurately and consistently to
               maximize clarity of common usage allowing management to make informed, shared, and
               timely decisions.

       Institutional Research (IR) has the responsibility for the vast majority of official internal and external
       information requests and therefore will lead this effort. IR will be assisted by the full support and
       participation by representatives from Information Technology Services and key functional units and
       areas throughout the University.

       This cross-functional committee will serve as decision-making body to resolve data issues and
       establish interdependent data usage and definitions for the proper handling and interpretation of
       University data. These definitions will be stored in a data dictionary which will contain details of each
       element from a technical and functional perspective. The committee will serve as a common ground
       to communicate and coordinate data related issues and will make recommendations to senior
       management regarding significant issues that have broad implications.  


       DATE     MINUTES    
 04/13/2011 Minutes
 03/23/2011 Minutes
 03/09/2011 Minutes
 02/23/2011 Minutes
 02/09/2011 Minutes
 09/20/2010 Minutes
 06/09/2010 Minutes
 05/26/2010 Minutes
 05/12/2010 Minutes  
 02/09/2010 Minutes
 11/18/2009 Minutes
For more information regarding data governance please contact dgc@luc.edu.


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