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Support Resources to Help You Navigate Loyola's Move to Microsoft Exchange


  • Loyola is currently using an online, on-demand training service called Atomic Learning. For more information, please see the Atomic Learning page.

Documentation and Videos

Using E-mail and Calendars:

  • Outlook 2013 Quick Start.pdf
    This four-page Microsoft-produced PDF can be printed or reviewed on screen. Screen shots show you where to find key elements, such as the folder lists, inbox, task ribbon, and calendar, and a list of common commands provides basic instructions.
  • What's New in Outlook 2013
    This short video from Microsoft provides a quick tour of the Outlook screen and highlights basic features.
  • Basic Tasks in Outlook 2013
    This web page from Microsoft provides a quick walk-through of the basic steps for your e-mail, contacts, and calendar.
  • Office 2013 Calendar Basics
    This 15-minute video from Microsoft can be downloaded and viewed in PowerPoint. You'll learn about the different calendar views, how to create an appointment, sharing your calendar, and more. After downloading, click F5 or Play Slide Show to start.
  • Create and Add an Email Message Signature
    Signatures were not migrated as part of Loyola's email upgrade. This short web page from Microsoft shows how to re-create personalized signatures, including text, images, logos, or even an image of your handwritten signature.
  • Working with the Address Book
    The University’s global address book was migrated to Exchange, along with any personal contact lists you had created in GroupWise. This page includes a few tips for working with these contacts in Outlook.
  • Outlook Notes for Former GroupWise Users
    Though the transition to Outlook can be intuitive, you'll notice that some features are found in a different place or have slightly different functionality than in GroupWise. The list highlights a few of these differences.
  • Reconnecting to a Shared Email Resource
    If you've been given access to a shared mailbox or calendar, you may need to open it manually the first time you use it. This PDF provides step-by-step instructions for doing so.
  • Setting Up Your Outlook Mailbox Manually
    This PDF is for faculty and staff who wish to set up an Outlook mailbox on their own using the full desktop client (for example, if you have a non-imaged Windows machine on campus or if you have Outlook on a Windows laptop or desktop at home and wish to use it to access your Loyola email account). The instructions were created with Outlook 2013, but the process is similar if you’re using Outlook 2011 or 2007.
  • Setting Up an Outlook 2011 Mailbox on a Mac
    This PDF is for faculty and staff who wish to set up an Outlook 2011 mailbox on a Mac.

Using Messaging and Conferencing:

  • Basic Tasks in Lync 2013
    Lync provides instant messaging along with web, voice, and video conferencing. This series of web pages from Microsoft covers basic Lync tasks, such as adding contacts or sending an instant message.
  • Quick Reference - Lync Meetings.pdf
    This two-page PDF from Microsoft is a printable reference card with instructions for using Lync's audio and video conference features as well as the desktop sharing tool.
  • Lync 2013 Quick Reference: IM, Presence, and Contacts
    This two-page PDF from Microsoft is a printable reference card with instructions for using instant message and presence and for managing your contacts.

Using the New Voicemail System

Using Mobile Devices:

Just for HSD:

  • Windows 7 and Office 2013 Documentation
    This page is designed for faculty and staff within the Health Science Division who are receiving new PCs in advance of their March 2014 email upgrade. The documents and videos listed will help you get started with your new Windows 7 system and several of the Office 2013 programs that have been installed.

Just for Students: