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What Loyola's Move to Microsoft Exchange Means for You

Loyola’s 2013 email upgrade brought a wealth of new features and improvements for students, expanding the way you communicate within Loyola and with the outside world. As part of the upgrade, Loyola moved away from GroupWise e-mail to a Microsoft Exchange platform. The University now offers students Microsoft Office 365, a fully integrated suite of programs that includes e-mail and calendaring, select Office software (such as Word and Excel), SharePoint, and communication tools like messaging and voice, video, and web conferencing. These student tools are delivered through the cloud (i.e., through the internet).


  • More collaborative interactions via e-mail, messaging, conferencing, and other tools
  • Significant enhancements for both desktop users and those on mobile devices and tablets
  • Streamlined access to Loyola email and calendars anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Access to email and calendar options using voice commands on your phone
  • Increased storage capacity for files and attachments
  • More seamless integration within the Microsoft Office products and within the cloud
  • Tools to create and host personal and team websites

For more information about features and benefits, see the About Office 365 page.

Mobile Devices

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to your Loyola account are available on the Reconnecting Your Mobile Devices page.

For More Information

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