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About Skype for Business: Whiteboard and Polling Tools

Formally known as Lync 2013

Using a Whiteboard

A Whiteboard is a blank page that you can use to work on as a group to type notes, draw, or import images. When your Skype for Business meeting or instant message (IM) conversation is over, you can save the Whiteboard with the data from the collaboration.

  1. In the meeting window or IM conversation, pause on the present (monitor) icon.
  2. From the Present tab, click the Whiteboard button. A blank Whiteboard opens on the meeting stage on everyone’s screen.

  3. The annotation tool set opens automatically on the right side of the Whiteboard. Click any of the tools to annotate on the Whiteboard, such as: Pointer tool, Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, and so on. (For more information about using these tools, see Use a Whiteboard in a Skype for Business Meeting on Microsoft’s support site.)
  4. The Whiteboard closes automatically if you switch to another presenting option, but will be available in the Presentable Content window if you want to open it later in the meeting. Just pause on the presentation (monitor) icon and click Manage Presentable Content, to access the Whiteboard again.

Using Polling Tools

Polling is a great way to get people involved and interacting in your meeting, and find out what they think about the ideas you’re sharing.

  1. In the meeting window or IM conversation, pause on the present (monitor) icon. From the Present tab, click the Poll button. The Create a Poll window appears.‌

  2. In the Create a Poll window, type your question and the answers, then click Create. The poll page opens in the meeting and results are shown to everyone as the participants select an option.
  3. Click Poll Actions to manage the poll, such as open, close, edit, show, or hide results.
  4. When you’re done, click Stop Presenting at the top of the meeting room.
  5. To delete a Poll page, pause on the present (monitor) icon, click Manage Presentable Content, then click Remove.