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Loyola's Move to Microsoft Exchange Brings Major Upgrade for E-mail

Outlook is the e-mail and calendar client included with the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It can be used to send and receive email messages, schedule meetings, manage contacts and tasks, and much more. Loyola moved from GroupWise to Outlook as part of the e-mail upgrade that took place earlier this year.

A few introductory resources are provided below. Additional materials are available on the Documentation and Training page.

Outlook 2013
Quick Start Guide
What's New in
Outlook 2013
Office 2013
Calendar Basics
This five-page PDF from Microsoft can be printed or reviewed on screen. Screen shots show you where to find key elements, such as the folder lists, inbox, task ribbon, and calendar, and a list of common commands provide some of the most basic instructions. This short video from Microsoft provides a quick tour of the Outlook screen and highlights basic features. This 15-minute video from Microsoft can be downloaded and viewed in PowerPoint. You'll learn about the different calendar views, how to create an appointment, sharing your calendar, and more. After downloading, click F5 or Play Slide Show to start.