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Archived Items in GroupWise 7




This feature is only available for faculty and staff.   The GroupWise archive feature saves mail or phone messages, appointments, reminder notes, and tasks to a designated database on a local drive. Archiving items saves network space and keeps your mailbox uncluttered. It also protects items from being automatically deleted. Archiving is important, as all messages that are over 180 days old are deleted from the server! This ensures that your messages are permanently saved onto your hard drive. 

Archive Settings

Auto-archiving is set up for faculty and staff for all GroupWise accounts. E-mail items 45 days or older are automatically saved to your hard drive. You can change the default settings, but we do not recommend that you change the default archive limit to more than 90 days.

With archiving, you are able to to access this archive and retrieve messages stored there at any time. You can also unarchive items you want to still appear in your active account and increase or decrease the amount of time items are left in your account before being archived.

To Archive Items In Your Mailbox

To begin archiving, you must first set up a location to store the archive.

  1. Select Tools | Options
  2. Click on the File Location tab.
  3. Enter where you want to store the archive. Browse files for the location.
  4. Click OK.

To return to your active account, click Archive above the folder list, then click your name.

To Archive Items In Your Mailbox (Manually)

If you have not previously done so, specify the archive directory in File Location in the Environment dialog box.

  1. Select the items in your Mailbox you want to archive.
  2. Click Actions to move to archive.

To return to your active account, click Archive above the folder list, then click your name.


Accessing Your Archived Items

Remember you can read your archived items from the GroupWise client, but you cannot forward or reply to them.

  1. Click the Online drop-down menu above the folder list.
  2. Click Archive.
  3. Your account will go into Archive view. .

To return to your active account, click Archive above the folder list, then click your name.


Unarchiving an Item

  1. Open your archive or select File | Open Archive
  2. Click the folder where the desired item resides.
  3. Right-click the item.
  4. Choose Move to Archive to uncheck that option.
  5. Return to your active account.

The item will now appear in the same folder, but in your active account.


Changing the Default Archive Time

To increase or decrease the amount of time an item is allowed to reside in your active account before being archived, follow these directions:

  1. Choose Tools | Options from the GroupWise main menu bar.
  2. Double-click Environment.
  3. Click the Cleanup tab.
  4. Click the up and down arrows next to Auto-archive after: to increase or decrease the number of days before an item is archived.
  5. Repeat step 4 for both Mail and phone, appointment, task, and reminder note.
  6. Click OK | Close.

Please do not change your Archive Time to greater than 180 days. Items in your mail box are deleted from the system after 180 days. Changing the archive time to greater then 180 days will result in the loss of items in your mail box.