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What is Sakai?

  • The Sakai CLE is a an open-source system for collaboration, hence the acronym CLE (Collaborative Learning Environment). It can be used for LUC courses, research projects, student clubs, or any other group that has information they want to share with the larger LUC community.
  • Sakai software is part of the Sakai Project (www.sakaiproject.org), a research and development project for creating open source collaborative tools for use in learning, research, and other types of distributed group work.
  • The original participants in the Sakai Project were Indiana University, University of Michigan, MIT, and Stanford in partnership with UPortal and the Open Knowledge Initiative.
  • Sakai has been adopted by over 350 institutions worldwide.
  • Other private, four-year and above research universities using Sakai include: Boston University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Rice University, Seton Hall University, Tufts University, University of Dayton, University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest University, and Yale University.
  • Sakai is free (no licensing fees) and open-source (the code on which the platform is built is available for anyone to view). The code is built and maintained by the Sakai community which consists of all the organizations (universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, e.g., Sakai-as-a-Service providers, etc.) which use and support Sakai. All Sakai members have the opportunity to contribute to the Sakai code or other aspects of Sakai development, e.g., documentation, training.
  • Since the primary purpose of Sakai is collaboration and information sharing within the university and among academic/research institutions, Sakai gives you the ability to share your entire course/project or parts of your course/project with members of the university community who are not formally enrolled in your course or project.
  • Sakai provides each member of the university community with a Personal Workspace in which university members can upload material for their personal use or to share with others in the university without having to be enrolled in a course or organization. Material uploaded to the Personal Workspace can be copied or moved into courses