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Here are the steps to set up i>clicker so you can upload polling data into Sakai:

For information on checking out i>clicker kits, go to  and look under "What's involved in getting an i>clicker instructor kit at Loyola?".

1. Direct students to register their i>clicker remotes directly within Sakai — you can email them or post in Sakai either or both links: Students Register Clickers (PDF, HTML).

NOTE: This is very important – if students do not register in your course, you will not be able to upload the results of your i>clicker sessions into Sakai.

2. Add your course to i>clicker (PDF, HTML) When you add your course to i>clicker, you can set up your instructor's remote ID, specify that you are using Sakai, and set grading policies.

3. Synchronize your Sakai roster (PDF, HTML) Once your students have registered their i>clicker remotes in your Sakai course, download your student roster from Sakai into i>grader so polling data can be credited to your students. You will need to repeat this step if students enter your course late.

4. Upload your polling data in i>grader (PDF, HTML) After you’ve polled your students in class, your polling data will appear in i>grader, the i>clicker grade book application. In i>grader you can view students’ points, adjust scores, synchronize late registrations, and export/upload your polling data into your Sakai Gradebook.

NOTE: You cannot export scores to Sakai if you are running i>grader from a network drive, such as the U drive. You will need to copy the i>grader software and your Classes folder onto the encrypted flash drive that comes with the i>clicker kit , or onto your desktop computer, and run the i>grader export from there.

5. Troubleshooting

For assistance with setting up i>clicker so polling data uploads into Sakai's Gradebook, contact sakai@luc.edu.

For assistance with weighing the options for whether or not to integrate i>clicker into the classroom, contact the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy at ext. 8-7470.

2013 iclicker Assessment Report