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Poll Everywhere: Getting Started

Create your First Poll

  1. Click on the Create your First Poll button.
  2. Type in your first poll question.
  3. Choose how your audience will respond: open-ended or multiple choice – if multiple choice, type in possible answers. Add more answers if needed.
  4. Add another poll question if you like or click Create.
  5. Your poll starts automatically and will come up in “Live Chart” view - shows responses in real time as a bar chart.
  6. Participants text a code if the question is multiple choice, or their answer if the question is open-ended, to 22333.
  7. If you have set up a personal pollev.com page, push the poll, using the icon to the right of the Start Poll button.
  8. After polling is complete for the first question, stop the poll.  If you have another poll question to display, use Next Poll or Previous Poll links to navigate through your questions.
  9. To add another poll question, click the My Polls link on the left, then Create Poll.

The My Polls Tab

To add a timer, change visual settings, and hide results, mouse over the upper right or lower left corner of the chart.


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