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Institutional Review Board

Special Guidance

While all research projects are different, the IRB has developed a number of guidance documents for Investigators relating to issues the IRB frequently encounters. Please review the Special Guidance documents listed below to see if any apply to your individual project.

  • Are you a student who wishes to conduct an independent research project where you will serve as the Principal Investigator?
  • Are you a faculty member or an instructor and you want your students to conduct a class project that will involve human subjects?
  • Are you going to be conducting an oral history research project and need more information to determine whether the IRB needs to review your research?
  • Will you be asking participants to provide you with information about illegal activities (including drug and alcohol usage) or information that if released could be damaging to a participants reputation, financial standing, employability?
  • Will you be recruiting participants from a cooperating institution?
  • Will you be conducting online surveys?
  • Do you want to recruit LUC participants by mass email to participate in an online survey?
  • Will you be conducting research or collecting data from Chicago Public Schools?
  • Will your participant population include prisoners, detainees, or individuals on parole or probation?
  • Are you a non-LUC researcher?

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Institutional Review Board
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