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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

IPS Summer in Rome

Frequently Asked Questions

‌Can I attend the program if I am working on my degree from another institution?
Yes, you are more than welcome to attend and take one of the three courses for credit. In fact, we encourage students from other institutions to enroll in these courses. The mix of students and variety of perspectives provides a strong and healthy course environment. We recommend that you check with the program director at your home institution to be sure that the course will transfer. We can supply the course syllabus, the reading list, and other information that your home institution might need.

I am not working on a degree, and I’m not a graduate student. Can I still attend? 
Absolutely! This program is designed not only for graduate students but for any adult who has an interest in the topic(s) and is willing to audit the course. The tours are especially attractive for those who are not working on a degree. Keep in mind that graduate students will have homework, reading assignments, and a final paper. Auditors are not required to do that work. Of course, this is also a less expensive option. The audit fee is 50% of the graduate tuition rate.

What about homework? Will I spend the entire time in Rome working on papers?
For those taking the course for credit, homework may be assigned and due before July 6. A final paper will be due in early August. We do not want you holed up in a room while you are in Rome. When we are in Rome, the city will be our text. We will be soaking up the atmosphere, text, and life of the city and its environs July 6 - 16. There will be time before and after our trip for reflection and writing of papers. Check the syllabus for your course for more details.

Are meals included?
The program provides breakfast each morning at the four star Hotel Zone. Lunch is also provided each day, whether it’s at the mensa on campus during a class day, or at a restaurant in the city on tour days. The program also provides dinner on our first and last night together. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions you may have so we can accommodate those. The hotel breakfast is substantial with American coffee, juice, eggs, yogurt, meats, cheeses, bread, homemade tarts, and more. The mensa on campus provides a wide variety of Italian and even American food. The meals in the city that we have on tour days are “fixed” and will not require ordering from a menu. We will simply walk into the restaurant and the wait staff will begin serving bread, wine, water, appetizers, etc. These meals are designed to be a true experience of Roman dining, and would be difficult to achieve on one’s own. We can plan to spend about two hours over lunch in the city on our tour days. It’s all part of the educational experience!

Where are the campus and the hotel?
Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center and the Hotel Zone are both located in the urban residential area known as Monte Mario, a neighborhood north of the Vatican. The hotel is about a fifteen minute walk to campus. There are busses that we can take from Monte Mario to the nearest Metro stop (Cipro) which is near the Vatican Museum. Participants in the program will receive passes for the public transportation system, which is convenient and easy to use.

Can I stay somewhere other than the hotel?
We encourage all of our participants to stay at the hotel as we will be setting out together on tour days. Also, the hotel provides a good substantial breakfast each morning. However, if you do not want to stay at the hotel you do not have to. We will deduct $400 from the program fee if you choose to stay elsewhere. Know that you will be responsible for getting yourself to class and tour sites on time. We may not be able to wait for you to begin a tour.

Can I stay at Loyola's John Felice Rome Center if I am not attending a program sponsored by Loyola University Chicago?
Unfortunately no, that is not possible.  The John Felice Rome Center does not offer guest housing on campus for visitors.  Only students enrolled in LUC Rome programs and others on official university business are allowed to stay on campus.

Can I arrive early or stay late?
You are welcome to come to Italy as early as you like and stay as long as you like. Our program runs from July 6 - 16 and we ask only that you arrive at the hotel for check-in on July 6 and that you check out on July 16.

Will I be billed for my hotel stay?
The hotel stay with breakfast is included in your program fee. Any additional costs you incur at the hotel (phone calls, additional meals, room service) will be your responsibility.

Are there activities in the evening or weekends?
In our experience, many adults who travel to Rome prefer to be on their own during evenings and weekends. Class days will end at 4:00 p.m. when participants are free to walk the neighborhood, go into the city for site-seeing, theater, opera, or other night life. When tour days conclude we will find ourselves often in the heart of the city. Some may want to return to the hotel, but many others take advantage of being in Rome to explore the city and find a pleasant place for dinner or further site-seeing. We will be in the city ten days and we will certainly not exhaust everything there is to do in Rome. These free evenings and weekends are an ideal way for you to make your own priorities and see what’s important to you.



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