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Institute of Pastoral Studies


Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

60 hour - Three Year - License Track

In order to meet the current licensure requirements of the state of Illinois (LPC as a base for moving toward LCPC), and to respond to developing nationwide trends toward interstate licensure portability, while continuing to provide the integrative pastoral focus of Loyola’s MA Pastoral Counseling degree, the degree has moved to a three year, 60 hour design. International students, not interested in pursuing licensure, will have the opportunity to replace five licensure specific courses (*see bolded courses) with other IPS courses, in consultation with their advisor. Half-time students will tailor their course selection with their advisor.

All courses are 3 credit hours except the following:
1.5 credit hours: Practicum Supervision I and Practicum Supervision II. (Meet every other week for 2.5 hours)

Summer: 1st year:
Research Methods for the Pastoral Counselor - IPS 515*

Fall: 1st year:
Human Relation Skills - IPS 501
Models of Pastoral Counseling - IPS 517
Family Therapy and Personal Transformation - IPS 473

Spring: 1st year:
Human Development - IPS 555
Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling - IPS 503
Theology of the Developing Person - IPS 502

Summer: 2nd year:
Addictions and Modes of Therapy - IPS 474*

Fall: 2nd year:
Pastoral Practicum I - (#521) (1.5 credits)
Approaches to Group Counseling - IPS 505
Psychopathology - IPS 509
Theology elective

Spring: 2nd year:
Pastoral Practicum II - (#522) (1.5 credits)
Ethics for the Pastoral Counselor - IPS 512
Testing, Measurement, and Assessment - IPS 520*

Summer: 3rd year:
Research Methods for the Pastoral Counselor - IPS 515* OR Addictions and Modes of Therapy - IPS 474*

Fall: 3rd year:
Internship Supervision I - 511
Pastoral Psychodynamic Assessment and Intervention - 507
Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context - 472*

Spring: 3rd year:
Internship Supervision II - 513
Career Counseling - 518*


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