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Marian K. Diaz, DMin

Title/s: Assistant Professor

Office #: WTC-LT #638

Phone: 312.915.7457

E-mail: mdiaz15@luc.edu

CV Link: CV_Marian_Diaz


An Interview with Dr. Marian K. Diaz

IPS: Dr. Diaz, what appeals to you about IPS?

The primary appeal for me will be working with a fantastic group of colleagues and students in a diverse urban setting that enables me to continue to explore what I call “living theologies” in community.

The Ignatian mission of LUC complements my focus on ministry, service and social issues as well as my professional experience working on vocational discernment. Of course, having lived in Rome for three years, the ability to teach at the John Felice Center will be a highlight for me.

IPS: What are your current research interests?

?My research interests include early Christian origins and spirituality, practical theology and contextual theology. For example, my dissertation involved a study of adult ministry formation in diverse cultural settings. I am also working on issues related to women in ministry and women active in inter-faith work around the world.

IPS: Could you tell us a little more about your professional experiences, particularly those not mentioned on your CV.

I think that it would be important for me to mention here formative service experiences that I have had over the years. These include living in the inner-city of Chicago for a summer, living at the Catholic Worker House in South Bend, IN for two different periods and the years of service offered to the US Embassy to the Holy See in Rome. For me these experiences offer a stark contrast between living amidst the poorest of the poor and then engaging in service with and among some very wealthy and powerful people.

IPS: Which classes you will be teaching?

  • Introduction to Theology/Ministry
  • Christian Origins
  • Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  • Foundations of Pastoral Care
  • Foundations of Social Justice
  • Pastoral Leadership

IPS: What is your teaching philosophy?

In teaching people who seek to become professionals in ministry, my central goal is to bring theology to life and to provide my students with the skills necessary for them to do the same thing through their ministry. I tend to use a variety of types of sources—written and otherwise (art, music, current events, case studies) to help students grow in their abilities to think critically, to read cultural contexts and to develop engaging pastoral practices based on their learning.