Loyola University Chicago

International Studies

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tracy Pintchman
Director, International Studies Program, and Professor

PhD, U. C. Santa Barbara

Professor Pintchman is the director of the International Studies program and a professor of religious studies, with a focus on the history of religion in South Asia. She has been at Loyola University Chicago since 1992 and teaches courses on Hinduism, Asian religions, women and religion, and ethnography of religion. She has published more than two dozen articles, book chapters, and essays, and she is the author, editor, or co-editor of seven books.

Dr. Alexandru Grigorescu
Assistant Director, International Studies Program, and Professor

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Professor Grigorescu’s research focuses broadly on international relations and, specifically, on international organizations. He is particularly interested in the movement towards greater “democracy” in such organizations. His work has been published in journals such as Ethics & International Affairs, Global Governance, International Politics, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Perspectives, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Review of International Organizations. He teaches courses on international organization, globalization, international relations theory, the United Nations system, and international human rights.

Dr. Chris Hasselmann

PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

Professor Hasselmann regularly offers Introduction to International Studies as well the Program's Capstone experience; he is also the coordinator of the internship program in International Studies (INTS 370). His research interests center on the European Union and European politics more generally. His recent publications have examined the interaction between the financial (Euro) crisis, public support, and government decision making.

Dr. Matthew S. Williams

PhD, Boston College

Professor Williams joined the Sociology Department and International Studies Program at Loyola University in the fall of 2013, following a year as an Assistant Visiting Professor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. The overall focus of his teaching and research interests is the exercise of power on a global scale. In particular, he is interested in the ways that ordinary people have successfully mobilized through social movements to challenge those in power and bring about positive change, addressing major social ills and creating greater democracy globally.

Dr. Tofigh Maboudi

Assistant Professor


PhD, American University

Professor Maboudi joined the Department of Political Science and International Studies Program at Loyola in the fall of 2016. His research interests include democratization, social movements, and Middle Eastern politics. His work focuses on constitution-making processes and citizen participation in post-conflict and transitional states. His work has appeared in the American Political Science Review and Political Research Quarterly. He teaches courses on Middle East politics, authoritarianism, and international relations. He also teaches the Introduction to International Studies course.

Mr. Nelson Wainwright
Program Assistant, International Studies Program

Mr. Wainwright is a PhD candidate in the Political Science department at Loyola in the field of Comparative and International Politics. He is currently conducting his dissertation research, which focuses on political communication in Poland and the Czech Republic around the time of their accession to the European Union. Mr. Wainwright also teaches courses in International Relations, Political Theory and American Politics for the Political Science department, and the Introduction to International Studies course for the Program.