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International Jesuit Ecology Project

Global Jesuit Educational Initiatives

Jesuit Higher Education Sector

Loyola University Chicago (LUC) is currently supporting two global Jesuit educational initiatives: the IJEP and the Democracy, Culture and Catholicism International Research Project (DCCIRP). The DCCIRP began as a project within LUC’s Joan and Bill Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage.  For information on the DCCIRP, go to www.luc.edu/dccirp.

IJEP, in the near future, will be housed within LUC’s new Institute for Urban Environmental Sustainability. Both initiatives have been inspired and supported by the President of Loyola University Chicago, Fr. Michael Garanzini, S.J., who also holds the position of Secretary for Higher Education for the Society of Jesus. 

Among its several tasks, the Secretariat for Higher Education in the Society of Jesus encourages networking among Jesuit universities worldwide to address current global issues on a global scale. The IJEP and the DCCIRP are examples of this work, drawing together scholars and students from Jesuits institutions worldwide in order to create new research and instruction on pressing international challenges.  News about these Global Jesuit Educational Initiatives can also be found at the Jesuit Curia (www.sjweb.info) and Jesuit Commons (jesuitcommons.org) websites.

More information about the Jesuit Higher Education Sector can be found at: http://www.sjweb.info/highedu/index.cfm

Jesuit Secondary Education Sector

The 2010 document Healing a Broken World challenged educators in Jesuit institutions to “engage students in transformative education” and develop “curricula that address sustainability issues and impart a certain level of environmental literacy”. In response to this challenge, faculty at Loyola University Chicago in collaboration with scholars from other Jesuit universities worldwide have formed the International Jesuit Ecology Project (IJEP) for the purpose of creating a free online Living Text, in environmental science that addresses select ecological challenges from an integrated scientific, moral, and spiritual perspective. This Living Text will be a curricular resource in environmental studies for teachers and students in Jesuit institutions of higher education and secondary schools worldwide.

As part of the three-year process of creating Healing Earth: a Living Text, the IJEP asks for help from science teachers and students in Jesuit secondary schools worldwide to test and evaluate the first version of the online Healing Earth: a Living Text, in their science classrooms. The first version of Healing Earth: a Living Text will be written in the English language. We expect to have several chapters ready for testing by July or August of 2013, and are looking for high school senior-level environmental science teachers who would be willing to review one or two chapters and have a few of their students review the chapters to provide us with feedback.

Dr. Nancy Tuchman, Loyola University Chicago Vice Provost and Professor of Biology and Dr. Michael Schuck, Loyola University Chicago Associate Professor of Theology are co-directing the IJEP. They would like to hear from administrators and teachers in Jesuit secondary schools and universities worldwide who have an interest in hearing more about the IJEP Healing Earth: a Living Text and being a possible test-site for evaluating this new teaching resource.

Please contact Dr. Schuck at mschuck@luc.edu for further inquiries.

More information about the Jesuit Secondary Education Sector can be found at: http://www.sjweb.info/education/index.cfm


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