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International Jesuit Ecology Project

International Jesuit Ecology Project

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The International Jesuit Ecology Project (IJEP) is a three-year collaborative project between Loyola University Chicago faculty and scholars from Jesuit institutions around the world to create an online Living Textbook that addresses select environmental science challenges from an integrated scientific, moral, and spiritual perspective. This Living Textbook will be a curricular resource in environmental science for teachers and students in Jesuit institutions of higher education and secondary schools worldwide.

Project Update, Feb. 2015

The Introduction and Water chapter have been finalized and translated into Spanish and the English version of the Biodiversity chapter has been finalized and loaded on to our website. The English version of the Climate Change has also been finalized and is in the production phase - we are developing the image library and glossary content prior to adding the chapter to the website. The English versions of Energy, Natural Resource, and Food System chapters are in various stages of completion, all nearing the production phase. When chapters are sent to production they are also sent out to be translated into Spanish.

In addition to the writing there has been much production activity: the infrastructure of our text book has undergone many updates; standardization of sections, headings, subheadings; addition of new pages; development of icons and other graphic elements, compilation of chapter glossaries; documentation of images, sources and permissions; design of various charts/graphs; loaded all of the above onto the web platform. Additionally, background research is being conducted that will help in the development of teacher resources and an evaluation plan.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive enthusiastic support wherever we present Healing Earth. We’ve received warm welcomes from students, teachers, and administrators at two Jesuit secondary schools in Poland and three Jesuit High Schools in the US earlier this year. One of the Polish students--Tomasz Śmigla--was so inspired by the project that he produced his own water video, attempting to communicate our themes of science, ethics, spirituality, and action.  He sent it along to us and we plan to work with him to smooth it out a bit and then put it in the textbook. Take a look: http://www.mediafire.com/view/a4vlywf1jsblkxw/Water_Planet_2014.mp4

In Spring 2015, when we will launch the finished text, a link to the text will be posted. Our goal is to have Healing Earth up and running for a presentation at the meeting of Jesuit University Presidents in Melbourne, Australia, July 8-10, 2015.

Check back soon for another progress update.

Dr. Schuck presents Healing Earth in Krakow

Dr. Michael Schuck recently returned from Krakow, Poland where he presented Healing Earth at two Krakow high schools and at Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie during the week of March 31. 

He has several more presentations scheduled during spring and summer. Stay tuned!


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